10/15/2012 11:29 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Vote For Transparency

I present to you, the reader, an idea which, with your assistance, can become an ideal that will verifiably change the world. In order to participate, you must be willing to perform one simple task this year when you vote...

As you read through your ballot, every time you're voting for an office you don't understand or you can't pick between the candidates, rather than leave it blank or randomly picking people, write in a vote for Anonymous.

In doing so, you will be proactively contributing as an essential cog in a global movement designed to organically trim the fat off any Democratic government.

You see ... when enough people write Anonymous for an office, there is a chance that Anonymous can actually win various elections at the city, state, federal, and worldwide level.

Don't worry ... Anonymous isn't the "terrorist" group you've heard about in the mass media. "They" are not even a group at all. Anonymous is an ideal ... and in voting for an ideal rather than a person, you're helping our government of, for, etc. the people spotlight the broken pieces of their infrastructure. In voting Anonymous you are telling our government that you're mad as hell ... and you're not gonna take it anymore.

This is why I urge you instead of throwing your votes away on a candidate you don't like or not voting because you don't care to take 10 to 15 extra minutes out of your time at the polls to take part in changing the world forever.

Vote Anonymous 2012.Vote for Transparency