11/24/2014 07:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Abundance in Gratitude Equals Abundance in Life

lzf via Getty Images

It's a simple formula that will transform your life. Say it out loud, write it down, think it, feel it, breathe it. Gratitude. Come from a place of thankfulness every step you take. Stop focusing on the problems, focus on the solution. And the solution is simple; I already gave it to you.

An abundance in gratitude equals an abundance in life.

Sounds simple right? That's because it is. And let me tell you the impact it will have in your life is profound. It's the energy you are focusing on and attracting to you. By now you have heard about the law of attraction. Well, if you want to be surrounded by problems you can continue whining about this, complaining about that and wallowing in self pity. Holding onto grudges and living in the past. Rest assured you will be trying to stay afloat in a swimming pool of draining energy. C'mon, is that really where you want to be?

Thrive. In order to thrive you have to make gratitude a way of your life right now. It's the simplest strategy that will give you the most instantaneous results. Pause from this reading and say out loud 10 things that you are grateful for in this very moment. Now, say five things that you are grateful for.

You feel that buzz of energy? That instant lift? It took you twenty seconds to list 15 things you are grateful for; imagine what you could do throughout your day.

Walk with a mindfulness of what surrounds you. Be grateful for the sun beaming down on you, the destination you are going to, the shoes you are walking in and the air you are breathing. I promise you, those are not little things to millions of people in this world suffering. Be appreciative for all you have, at all times.

Dance in the moment, enjoy the rain. 2014-11-20-grateful.jpg

With your mind set to gratitude, you will have the clarity to truly appreciate all that life is blessing you with. This mindset will allow you to be open to new opportunities, inspiration and creativity. Your relationships will flourish and your vision will come into focus. You want to get in this flow, and stay in this flow. You will be tuned into life in a new way, being able to feel the ways in which the universe is working for you.

Consistent gratitude will amplify your life and the greatness that is within you. Get out of the old mindset of magnifying the problems you face. Instead I challenge you to minimize any hardships solely by focusing on everything that brings you joy. I challenge you even further by thanking the hardships in your life, for the perspective and lessons they bring. Nothing is too small to be grateful for, nothing too big. But ask yourself, what energy do you want to be surrounded by? And put that energy out there.

Be intentional in the life you want to create. You are the artist, the designer, the director in your life. You can cut the scene at any moment and bring in a blank canvas. Redirect that focus with your roots truly grounded in a place of full appreciation. Feel that inspiration, breathe in the greatness of the present moment and thank the universe for all that you are experiencing.

This is a lifestyle that will reward you constantly. And it will attract great people and things into your life. Who doesn't want to be around a happy, appreciative, inspired person? Create the abundance you deserve by emanating nothing less than amazing energy and truly feel the shift in your experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to simply read this, I want nothing less than an abundant life for you. You deserve it.