04/02/2012 01:49 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

What's Your Car Telling You?

In a world of electronics, metal, and machines EVERYWHERE it's hard not to feel like you're constantly buzzed from coffee, culture, and a whirlwind of electric energy surging through your veins. I'd like to present the idea that humans are not the only ones influenced. What if we're equally returning energy to everything we touch as an extension of our energy, or the "stuff" we are bottling up?

We search the stars for astrological messages, trust a penny's position on the ground for our luck, and confirm through People magazine that, "Yes, just as I thought, if Heidi Klum's marriage 'fails,' there's no chance for me." If we're desperately looking for signs or, more so, "permission slips" to understand what we already really know, here's another out-of-the-box way of decoding your issues! What if our teacher was in the form of our car? What can something seemingly disconnected tell us about the exact issues we've been trying to resolve, and wrack our brains for?

We know with babies and animals that they can sense our energy. When we're frustrated or stressed, we can put on a fake smile, but these sensitive beings know what's going on and they'll cry or bark until we admit what we're pushing away. There is a direct correlation between animals and humans -- e.g., dogs looking like and acting like their owners. Sometimes it shows up opposite where the children or animals act out what's being suppressed in the parent/owner. Electronics, and cars in this case, also play roles for us in this way, and can physically manifest the energy that may be too much for us to carry, what we don't want to look at, or they can turn into the sacrificial lamb, aiding us in our evolution! The car may be the outlet of what we won't allow ourselves to express. I'm going to present three recent examples of how my friend's cars and mine have taught us!

After spending a couple grand getting my car fixed, my little white car still had Christmas lights flashing on the dash, alerting me that I needed to continue my generous investment in my mechanic's kid's college fund. Damn, I thought, "What does this mean?" I went through the mental process of where my higher self was leading me. "Do I need a new car? A Prius would be nice, it's green and can fit my paintings in the back for transportation." So I began my search for a new car... I told my dad and he lit up when he suggested an electric car as an option. I hadn't kept up with the news, as I was still in denial after the 90s escapade and the tear-jerker (obviously more heartbreaking than The Notebook), Who Killed the Electric Car? I went home and watched the next stage of the story, The Revenge of the Electric Car. I was bubbling with joy and in love with Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla Motors, for being the pioneer who got the big car companies on board to create electric cars... My car had literally guided me to see that I'd been missing the big show, the awakening of collective consciousness starting with the big car companies. This instilled hope in me that our world has some degree of positive momentum and a example of how the 1 percent can be influenced for the good of all! Ha! It may sound far-fetched or dumb that my car led me to this, but this is totally significant and the fiery (green/clean) fuel I needed to continue on my spiritual journey. The day after I understood this new realization, all of my blinking lights stopped and my car returned to normal (seriously).

On a more practical level, my friend Sara's car was on its last leg and was to be put to rest next to Old Yeller. The significant back story is that my friend is an incredible designer and has wanted to start a high-end line of magical handbags called Esmeralda Leon, but she couldn't get herself to take the plunge. After months nudging and persuading her... nothing. Then I get a call a week ago: "My car died. I have to make income NOW to buy a new car, I'm starting my company!! Let's meet about it today." Her car, in this case, was the martyr so that she would get the "umph" to kick-start what she loves, and start her business.

I know... I know... I'm good at spinning things. Why not? The question always is -- with everything in life, how is this serving me? What can I learn from this? Taking this perspective is way more playful than freaking out and pulling your hair out every time something goes wrong. Simply my opinion.

The last story I'll share is about a friend who had a very traumatic childhood. She's worked hard to heal her past of childhood mental, physical, and emotional abuse. The energy of those events is forever held in the body unless the emotional energy creating the physical issue is acknowledged and healed. She was on the tail end of this healing after years of reiki, soul memory discovery work, shamanic soul retrievals, etc. Then, last weekend for her birthday she had intense stomach pain, burning like a raging fire. The next day she went outside and the trunk of her car was smashed in. She went to her birthday spa day anyway, with her trunk strapped down with rope. She asked my interpretation of these strange events. I said, "the trunk represents your trunk... your roots, your base chakra. It sounds to me like it took on the remnants, the last vestiges of your held energy, clearing out the final "baggage" (pun intended). I guess that's your car's birthday gift, unique gift... Happy birthday!"

Any interpretation of these situations is possible! They may seem silly or contrived, but that's the fun thing about life. We have the power and freedom to imagine it however we want. The reason for this blog is not to dig meaning out of everything or to only look on the bright side... It is to begin looking at the world around us as OUR reflection, OUR creation, and to see that even electronic objects and all things around us are made up of moldable energy. We have profound influence and spread our energy (positive or negative) into everything we're around. We create our environment. I pose these two questions for you, feel free to comment below:

1. How do you want to influence people or even how your cell phone is going to work for you?

2. What's your car telling you?

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