10/06/2011 09:04 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Halloween Crafts: No-Carve Studded Pumpkins

In Random Recast, I find new ways to upgrade the ordinary things in our lives. And this week, it's all about pumpkins.

This studded treatment was one of the most unique no-carve pumpkin ideas I had seen during my (many!) searches. And what's more surprising is that it's one of the easiest DIYs--basically, you just stick thumbtacks into a pumpkin. This version, by MadiganMade, completely covers the pumpkin skin with overlapped gold tacks. The stunning result beautifully reflects light and almost brings to mind armor. But to get the studded look quicker, push thumbtacks into the "valleys" of the pumpkin, creating an outlined effect. Or, create a studded monogram by outlining a hand-drawn initial with tacks.

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