04/17/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mad Men Season 5, Episode 5 Style Recap: Plaid Blazers Prevail

In case you didn't know that the fifth season of "Mad Men" was set in 1966, the recurring plaid blazer is here to remind you!

The plaid blazer has become a character in and of itself this season, providing a whimsical distraction in any scene. See: Harry getting bad news from Roger. Or Michael Ginsberg being Michael Ginsberg. This series trend hit a breaking point in last night's episode, where three prime examples of the plaid sporting coat were spotted in Pete's living room.

Doesn't really suit Don, does it?

Overwhelming, the plaid jacket is a young man's game. (Which is why we see it on Pete so much, along with Ken and Harry.) Don isn't the type to get into statement pieces, which is only natural for someone who stole someone else's identity over 15 years ago. But as with other new behaviors -- not drinking so much, refusing prostitutes -- the plaid jacket's source can be attributed to the new Mrs. Draper.

It seems to be a challenging fit.

But, if we know anything about Don, it's that he can adapt -- at least mentally. Remember when he started reading poetry? And journaled about his feelings? And when we found out that his whole life (right down to his name) is a lie? Sartorially speaking, however, he isn't the type who is comfortable taking any departure from his wardrobe.

And trying to fit in with the younger generation? That's really not what he does, either. At Trudy's dinner party, he had the air of an old uncle hanging out at the kids table. Not a good look for Don.

But you know what was a good look? Pete getting punched in the face by Lane. As Joan put it: "You've done something everyone at the office has wanted to do at some point."

I got a kick out of how Pete carefully tucked his tie into his shirt. Nothing this character does seems natural in the "Mad Men" universe. (Could you imagine Don tucking his tie in before punching someone?) He's like an alien from the planet WASP, who was then kept in a sensory-deprivation tank at Brooks Brothers until he reached maturity.

Elsewhere in the episode: Peggy is the spring from which all eventual ModCloth styles eventually came, Joan makes a 2-second cameo and Megan rocks psychedelic prints. All this -- and more! -- in our handy round-up.

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