06/28/2012 04:24 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

BGG Weekender: Bootsy Bellows, Arrested Development Art, & a Pizza Crawl

This weekend is going to be particularly amazing given its the start of a week-long period of acceptable slacking thanks to the midweek 4th of July holiday.  We don’t plan on doing anything even remotely productive from this Friday through the 8th, so if we’re out of business by the 9th, you’ll know why.  Since no one likes to do the degenerate thing alone, here are a few ways in which you can join us as we attempt to enjoy life:  Friday Kick off your weekend with a food truck bonanza at the Pico & Robertson Block Party.  Our seven favorites may not be in attendance, but we will definitely not turn down an Ultimate Taco from The Lime Truck or a Scooby Snack from The Munchie Machine, both of which will be serving on Friday.  Once you’ve had your fill, swing up to Gallery 1988 on Melrose to catch the opening of the Arrested Development-inspired art show There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand. Then, you’re going to need to hightail it to Hollywood’s Federal Bar to make The Lalas Burlesque Show, which begins at 8:30 p.m.  If by then you haven’t had enough of scantily clad women, motivate west to Bootsy Bellows, the Trousdale replacement inspired by David Arquette’s mom, who was a burlesque dancer.  Expect a tough door and lots of live entertainment beyond burlesque -- who wouldn’t want to end their Friday night with some life-size puppet performances?  Saturday After an undeniably wild night (unless you’re talking to your boyfriend the next day, in which case deny, deny, DENY), we’re going to allow you a slow start to your Saturday.  Once you’re up and around, head to Echo Park to partake in the Vegan Pizza Crawl, which includes discounts at Mohawk Bend, Two Boots, Masa, LA Pizza Co., and Sunset Beer Co.  All spots will be open by noon, but some start serving earlier for those of you who'll need hangover help, stat.  After chowing down on at least seven types of pizza (it’s vegan! -- so healthy) make your way downtown to participate in Watson Adventures’ Downtown LA Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt.  Or, if that sounds too aggressive an activity for a Saturday afternoon, perhaps an event involving cupcakes and cocktails would be more your speed.  If you do go west for the cupcake event, later you’re going to want to catch an outdoor screening of Zoolander in Brentwood as part of Eat See Hear or avoid the chilly summer night by opting instead for a screening of Stop Making Sense (only the greatest concert film of all time) at the Aero.   If you opted to stay east after your scavenger hunt, you’ll instead want to make it over to Fonuts on W. 3rd to indulge in their ice cream social at 6 p.m.  The Grilled Cheese truck will also be in attendance.  Afterward, grab a seat for The Goonies at Oscars Outdoors, Labyrinth at Hollywood Forever, or Animal House at the Egyptian.  If you’re not exhausted by the time the credits roll, you’re definitely going to want to join in on a little Underground Rebel Bingo Club action. Sunday We suggest you begin the recovery process on Sunday with a free workout in Santa Monica via Strand Street Yoga at 10 a.m.  After, you may want to pop in to the Fred Segal Santa Monica store once more before its massive summer sale ends.  You may also want to check out the new-to-Venice Weltenbuerger store, which has expanded west from Los Feliz.  Get 20 percent off vintage goods in-store and online using code EASTSIDE2WESTSIDE.  As it’s allegedly going to be 72 degrees and sunny in the ‘Bu on Sunday, you may want to head north afterward to partake in a few of these sun-soaked activities -- you can even get in on a discounted surf lesson via BloomSpot.  Later, cozy up at The Aero for a screening of Monterey Pop (read this Vanity Fair article to get inspired for the film), or, if you’re feeling flush, head to the Hollywood Bowl instead for the Ben Harper/Fitz & The Tantrums show.  Tickets are $45/each, which makes us nostalgic for the pre-Ticketmaster days of free shows in the '60s -- we broke girls were clearly born to the wrong era! 


BGG Weekender