09/18/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2012

BGG Weekly Playlist: Free Yoga, Wild Things & Loads of Candy (PHOTOS)

Between the mini-Carmageddon reprise and the 100-degree heat, this weekend had our blood boiling -- and had us creepily lingering in any air-conditioned public spaces we could find. At first we were worried that we wouldn't be able to keep our cool come Monday, but then we realized how many chilled-out, low-impact events are going on this week. Here's how we'll be spending our time as temperatures plummet (to all of 85 degrees):


Start your week off right by fully deluding yourself that it's still the weekend and continuing to watch football. South Bay-ers and valley girls should head to their nearest Lazy Dog location for the epicenter of dude-ness, by which we mean Monday Night Football. There are also happy hour promotions running all night long, so: bonus.

If cracked ribs and domestic beer's not your cup of tea, stop by the W Hollywood for Monday Movie Night, where they're showing Swingers. Before the movie, grab dinner at Delphine (get there before 7 and you've got a happy hour on your hands). After the movie, stop by The Dresden for a "Blood and Sand" and a sweet serenade by cover band The Readys.

Hit play: George Clinton - Atomic Dog


The Dodgers are on the road, so head to Echo Park on Tuesday for traffic-free fun. Start off by grabbing a crafty beer at El Prado, which is perfect for low-key imbibing when it first opens.

Then, pick up some beer or wine at Sunset Beer Company and bring it with you to Flore Vegan for dinner, where you'll load up on vegan delicacies like the tempeh bacon and mushroom pizza or the grapefruit, avocado and fennel salad. After, grab dairy-free ice cream at Kind Kreme (trust us) and then walk down the street to see the audio-visual splendor of Breton at The Echo.

Hit play: Breton - The Commission


If you work Downtown (or you aimlessly loaf around there most days), use your lunch break for free rooftop yoga at noon -- and don't forget to bring $5 for a fresh shake after class.

After work, celebrate your balls-out loco side by attending the opening reception of the group exhibition Wild Thing at the Pacific Design Center. Then, do what any truly wild thing would do (maybe, probably not): head south to the brand-spanking-new-to-L.A. Dylan's Candy Bar. Buy all the sugary goodness you can afford and then gorge yourself on sweets. Alternatively, you could save the candy for later and consume a delicious burger and specially crafted beverage at Short Order. It's up to you, crazy.

Hit play: Karen O & The Kids - All Is Love


You're so close to the weekend, you can almost taste it. Almost. In the meantime, taste something legitimately delicious by attending Paella Night at AOC on Third. Have some sangria and then enjoy a full three-course Valencia-style menu.

After, support your local radio star by attending KCRW's Mario Cotto's weekly DJ night "Jubilee" at Cat & Fiddle. Enjoy cross-era "English vibes" and some special guests.

Somewhere between Spanish tapas and the British tunes, you may start to feel antsy for some real international adventures. Hold tight -- the weekend's fun is just one night's sleep (and zero time zones) away.

Hit play: John Talabot ft. Glasser - Families

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