10/16/2012 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2012

Weekly Playlist -- Ellie Goulding, Russell Brand and a Whole Lotta Crustaceans

First it was Big Bird; now the vice president has gone the way of LOLCAT. As this election heats up (and gets increasingly ridiculous by the day), we think your weekdays should, too. So we at Broke Girls Guide have devised a not-so-secret plan for nightlife glory. And, trust us, these numbers definitely add up. Here's what we're doing this week:


Plan on an early lunch, because you're starting the week with an extra-special early bird special (5:30 p.m.!) with dineLA, KCRW and Susan Feniger at Street. It looks like tickets are selling out fast, so hurry, hurry, hurry. When you're done with dinner and the sun's still out (haven't gone to din that early since a visit to Boca Raton earlier this year...), head to The Grove for a meet, greet, and book signing with Stacey London in support of her new book The Truth About Style. Or, if you're looking for a little more intellectual stimulation, make your way downtown for a discussion between Fran Leibowitz and Frank Rich on the state of our union instead.

Later, pretend the weather's still snuggly by grabbing a woodsy drink at the newly-minted Phoenix bar, where they're elevating your beer-or bourbon-guzzling experience with billiards (also known as pool), antlers, and a cozy wood-burning fireplace.

Hit play: Phoenix -- Too Young


Start Tuesday night downtown at Union Station for All Aboard, an L.A. Fashion Week event benefiting Fashion Business Incorporated, which supports emerging talent through educational resources and programs. Oh, and the evening's entertainment is courtesy of funny girl Melissa Rivers -- in case it's hard for you to do anything purely out of the goodness of your own heart.

After, stop by Chaya for their downtown-only, month-long Crustacean Food Fair, which is as decadent and full of delicious exoskeleton-bearing delicacies as it sounds. Then, head west to check out Russell Brand's return to stand up at The Largo or see Swedish sister band First Aid Kit perform their sweet, sisterly harmonies at The Fonda.

Hit play: First Aid Kit -- Emmylou


After a night spent with Joan Rivers' protégé and Katy Perry's Ex, you're now ready to celebrate a truly exceptional national "holiday": that's right, today is wear something gaudy day and frankly, we're ready to celebrate.

Wind down your wacky wardrobe Wednesday in Koreatown for KTOWNDOTG (that's Dine on the Go), a gourmet food truck fair. After you've sampled all of the finest nomadic cuisine our fair city has to offer, head to Ameoba in Hollywood for an in-store performance from our favorite pop star on the rise, Ellie Goulding. Follow it up by checking out the Cheap Monday pop-up at Space 15 Twenty before it fades away at the end of the month.

Hit play: Ellie Goulding -- High For This (The Weeknd Cover)


Bloomingdale's in Santa Monica is hosting a major beauty blowout event tonight, so sneak out of work when the clock hits 5:00 and prepare to be beautified. They'll be offering facials by Estee Lauder, makeup tutorials by Laura Mercier, makeovers and skincare consultations from Bobbi Brown, an interactive Beauty 101 beauty school, and a special Pink Party shop in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Later, head to Century City for happy hour at Cuvée, where you can grab $6 glasses of wine and sample some of their ingredient-conscious classic bar food, like Parmesan French Fries or Coconut Shrimp. After, auteurs should go to Westwood with your finest films for The Hammer's open projector night, which promises to be "more showdown than showcase" and is emceed by the Sklar Brothers. There are also prizes involved--and we know how people get around prizes. Ourselves included.

Hit play: Blouse -- Time Travel