10/22/2012 06:52 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Weekly Playlist -- Scary Movies, Big Gay Ice Cream and 90210 Celebs

After a "cold" weekend and overcast coziness, we're finally ready to pull out our sweaters and officially call this fall. So, we've stacked up the week with what we consider to be the season's finest -- pumpkin pizzas, dark wine bars, scary movies, and... an ice cream truck. (It's an L.A. fall, after all.) Here's what we're up to this week:


After work, grab a quick dinner at one of the many taco trucks parked over in Echo Park. While every other person on the planet waits (and waits) for Taco Zone, we suggest hitting up Tacos Arizas for an equally transformative meal in half the time.

Then, head to 1642 for a cozy place to hole up with some craft beer or a glass of natural wine. After, stop by the Bootleg Theater for their Monday night residency with Kera and the Lesbians as well as the theater's newly-launched Trash and Treasure Night Market. Once you've had your fill of dreamy San Diego-crafted tunes, wind down the night at Monty Bar's Blackout Monday. And then try and make it to work tomorrow; we dare you.

Hit play: Kera and the Lesbians -- Apple


Grab dinner at Pitfire in West Hollywood, where they've just revealed a drool-inducing fall menu with the likes of Roast Pumpkin Pizza and Fennel Sausage & Fall Vegetable Pasta. After, head to Hollywood's L.A. Film School for a free screening of Saw, followed by a Q&A with the movie's cinematographer David Armstrong.

If you managed to keep it together through the movie, head back east to the Echoplex to see Shiny Toy Guns and special guest MNDR. Or, you could go back to the Bootleg to see Jason Lythe of Grandaddy play some new stuff.

Hit play: Shiny Toy Guns -- Fading Listening


Grab dinner at Hollywood's Umami Burger so you can take advantage of Space 15 Twenty's special $3 Wednesday parking deal. If ground beef patties aren't your thing, try this location's signature sammy, the Pastrami Mami, instead.

After dinner, cross the street over to the Arclight for a screening of Sinister, or, if you missed it last week, pop up to Griffith Park to experience their Haunted Hayride. Later, lower your heart rate by visiting New York's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck pop-up, which is parked by Heath Ceramics tonight.

Hit play: Kim Carnes -- Bette Davis Eyes


If you're feeling like celebrating Halloween in a way that doesn't involve candy corn and slutty costumes, check out the first night of Dia de Los Muertos Novenario at Olvera Street downtown. The celebration includes traditional processions, music, and refreshments. After, grab a light dinner at Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar (of Mendocino Farms fame) on Grand.

Then, head back to Space 15 Twenty to party with MINKPINK, Urban Outfitters, and 90210's Gillian Zinser. They're celebrating the launch of their holiday collection and campaign with tarot cards, photo booth, faux tattoo stations, and live art installations. So grab your girlfriends, get tatted up, and then party down.

Hit play: Yo La Tengo -- Autumn Sweater