01/18/2013 12:51 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

BGG Weekender: DineLA, Freebie Art Shows and Concerts, and an Extra Day Off

We've got a big weekend ahead of us -- literally. Three whole days to do whatever we want?! We almost didn't know where to start. Almost. Then, it turns out, we came across dozens of events that will definitely provide you with some bragging (online or otherwise) fodder come Tuesday morning. Adding to this merry-go-round of long-weekend revelry is the not-quite-as-historic-but-still-exciting-and-worth-watching presidential inauguration and swearing-in ceremony.

If you're stuck at home with the flu, we feel your pain. Check out our recent book recs and try to get some rest (or try one of these hibernation activities, if you're feeling up for it).

The rest of you should keep reading to find out about A Club Called Rhonda, a way to get close to the stars, and more (it's dineLA!)...


Start the weekend on a creepy, will-never-sleep-again note (hey, why not?) by catching a screening of The Deer Hunter at the Egyptian Theatre. If you make it through the movie without completely freaking out, de-stress after over a shared charcuterie plate at Gorge Charcuterie and Wine Bar, the mecca of all things cured.

After you've gorged yourself and mellowed those frayed nerves with some French wine, head to Silver Lake, where the legendary roving dance party, A Club Called Rhonda, is beaming down for the evening. Tonight's venue is Los Globos, which feels like the perfect place for drinking, dancing, and recovering from cinematic PTSD.


Saturday begins a little sweeter than Friday ended (which we're thinking is probably for the best), at Vosges in Beverly Hills. Every Saturday, they host unique, complimentary chocolate-tasting events. After, counteract all that cocoa by hitting the New York import Elixir Juice Bar, which just beamed down to Beverly Hills.

Later, head downtown to the Vibiana for an all-day sustainability fair, er, party from soon-to-launch philanthropic site Earth We. The pre-inauguration party, aptly named "A Green Term, Mr. President" will feature live music, a host of speakers, artists, yoga -- you name it, really.

At some point in the day, you may want to go a bit out of your way to hit up two sales in WeHo. One is the Crybaby Presents sale, which is happening from noon to 6 p.m. at their showroom and involves mimosas. The other is at Kin Los Angeles and involves brands like T by Alexander Wang, Acne, and Elizabeth and James at 60 percent off.

After, get in line at the Griffith Park Observatory for one of their monthly Star Party events, where they invite the public to try out their high-powered telescopes to see planets, stars, and "other objects." Grab dinner in Atwater at newish gastropub The Morrison, but keep your phone at the ready. You'll be waiting to catch a free show by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the location of which will be announced just hours beforehand via social media. Or, opt instead for an old-timey drive-in movie, more specifically a screening of Brazil at The Electric Dusk Drive-In downtown.


It's inauguration day! We know you're doing your patriotic duty by gluing yourself to the TV this morning, so once you're done with that we'll regroup and meet you at Your Neighborhood Studio in Culver City, where they're hosting an open house today complete with free sample dance and workout classes, plus discounts on packages.

Later, grab coffee at Cognoscenti (you'll need it to revive you after the workouts you just "sampled") before heading west to Fairfax. Grab dinner at Canter's, because who doesn't love gawking at a facelift? Then get cozy at the Silent Movie Theater for Black, White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe presented by Cinefamily. Maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself sitting next to an equally stringy and cute-in-an-androgynous-way guy with whom to grab a drink after the screening. Here's hoping...


Oh, what's that?! Bonus day! Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr., we have Civil Rights and the ability to sleep in this morning. We're really not sure life could get better than this.

Since this day is a fantastic gift given to you by the federal government, why not take the opportunity to better yourself? While you're at it, better yourself for free at Target's Free Holiday Mondays at LACMA today. You can catch exhibitions such as Caravaggio & His Legacy, Stanley Kubrick, and XYZ by our friend from last night, Robert Mapplethorpe.

Today is also the first day of dineLA, so sign up early and make a reservation somewhere that piques your interest around Hollywood for dinner. After you eat, it's time to pay your respects to that most venerable of Monday parties, School Night at Bardot. No better way to ease back into a four-day week, we'd say.

Get a preview of your weekend in the slideshow below.

Your Three-Day Weekend