09/29/2016 10:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don't Get Between a Mom and Her Coffee


Don't get between a mom and her coffee.


Because she was forced to read Goodnight Moon seven times for the fourth night in a a French accent.

Because she slept hugging the edge of her mattress because her 3 year old insists on sleeping with her...horizontally.

Because she was kept up late worrying she's screwing up her kids, not feeding them enough fiber and wondering how the PJ Masks kids sneak out of their house late at night.

Because she's waking up while it's still dark in order to make sure her kids don't eat breakfast from a box every single morning.

Because the breakfast she got up early to make was deemed "icky" by her kids.

Because right after she gave the baby a bath and got her dressed, a major blowout occurred. With leakage.

Because she stubbed her toe, yelled "f*ck" and now it looks like that might be her baby's first word.

Because at morning drop off she has to navigate past the School Drop Off Nazi's, avoid the PTA moms urging her to volunteer and try to remember if she forgot her kid's lunch all while wearing no bra and last night's pajamas.

Because the first hour of her day has been as stressful as a hostage negotiator talking someone off a ledge.

Because she spent 30 minutes the night before arguing with her five year old about whether bugs celebrate Halloween.

Because she's more familiar with the lyrics to Disney Jr. theme songs than anything that plays on the radio.

Because it takes everything in her to just get by when all the other moms seem to have everything running so smoothly.

Because she loves her family with every part of her soul, but wishes more than anything she could just get some time to herself.

Because this is just the beginning of her day and she still has a billion things to do.

Don't get between a mom and her coffee...but if you do, you better make up for it by bringing her a bottle of wine.

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