04/25/2012 08:59 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Dear Victoria's Secret: Don't Become The Next Frederick's Of Hollywood

Dear Victoria's Secret,

Let me first say that I love you. I hosted a viewing party for your much-anticipated Victoria's Secret fashion show in November, and you did not disappoint. I'm continuously pleased with the diversity you embrace in your catalogues and ad campaigns. I enjoy many of your products and have been a loyal customer for many years.

However, when I stepped into your store a few weeks ago to restock my basic intimates, I was bewildered. Everything from the ceilings to the panty drawers was ruched, ruffled, rhinestoned and in some dreadful cases, all three. Victoria's Secret, why? I'm pretty sure not all women want to dress up like a fluorescent pink cupcake to turn on their man. In fact, I don't think any men want that either.

Despite my horror, I trudged on and asked a salesperson to assist me in finding a few skin-toned options so I could be on my way. To my dismay, and her embarrassment, the only lingerie available was in a light beige color similar to the fair-skinned redhead standing next to me. Have you not heard of the popular Facebook campaign petitioning for progressive companies to create undergarments for every skin tone? I mean, honestly, it's 2012. Shouldn't this be a given?

I left the store not only disappointed in the tacky designs being offered, but also the lack of diversity. Don't worry, I hadn't lost all my faith in you, but I did intend to write a stern letter to customer service. As I opened my laptop, an article about one of your casting executives hating on Kate Upton appeared. Really? You're hating on curvaceous, funny, up-and-coming models who are doing their thing? Kate killed it on the cover of Sports Illustrated and if you were smart you'd book her for a new "Back to Basics" campaign before you become the next Frederick's of Hollywood.

I'm pleading with you because I want you to win! I am your target consumer and I'd like to see a collection of tasteful delicates in a variety of colors and hues that reflects the diversity of your consumers. Now that you know better, do better.