02/17/2013 09:19 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2013

A Letter to the New Pope

Dear Holy Father or Holy Mother (I believe in miracles),

Please let's get through the politics so the Church can truly have a new beginning.
First day in office let there be an announcement: there will now be married priests, women priests, gay priests (there are already many just kept a secret). All forms of abuse are strictly forbidden including any church denial or cover up. Life has no beginning and no ending since we are all spiritual beings. We should respect and support life in the womb, prisons, hospitals, ghettos, individual freedom, the dying and the deceased. We should respect and support all life!

We're done! It's not hard to make change when it is the truth. Let's take care of the politics, so everyone can get back to the purpose of the Church. Enough distraction. We all know the gender of the priest and the details of their private life is not what spirituality is about. There is too much spiritual need in the world! One billion people and more are wanting a spiritual home, a safe place to open their hearts and feel the peace and love of God.

Let the new church be an example of God's love. Let's share more forgiveness and preach less about guilt. Let us share the light as the answer to the world's darkness. The churches in the modern world, instead of being empty monuments of great architecture, will quickly fill up. And the shortage of priests will disappear overnight. Let's teach the beauty and gifts of the Sacraments. If everyone only knew that one small wafer contains all the peace of the world! If they only knew each wafer was perfect food for the heart and soul. There should be lines of people around the block waiting to eat this Bread and drink this Wine. This should be the mission of the new church. Let anyone and everyone come for spiritual food who hungers for it.

All should be welcome to come to church to simply be in the peace of God. God as Mother and Father are totally present. In the silence of the heart, God touches each of us. The church is our home. The world is very small. It's time to declare all Christian Churches members of the same family. The world's religions are our good neighbors. There is no need to preach against one group or another. Let's respect everyone no matter what are their beliefs. The human family has too many real problems i.e., poverty, human rights, and climate change for different religions to be struggling with one another.

Let's teach how the Desert Fathers went into solitude, silence, and found so much God. Let's teach the lives of the Saints and how they found sacredness in giving themselves to others. Let people learn the real meaning of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Poverty is not a calling to be poor and suffering but an invitation to simplicity, humility, and the abundance of God in our heart. Chastity is not about judging ourselves and others for their sexuality but a reminder of our innocence, purity, and inner light. Obedience is not a calling to follow blindly but to be committed to listen inside for truth. The true church awakens our conscience and with conscience a good life naturally follows. God is alive! As our awareness grows in our hearts, God grows in our lives. God is love!

May the new Pope be one of the people, one of great heart. May he/she be a healer of fear, an example of simple goodness, and brother/sister to everyone. Welcome new Pope!
We need you! We love you! Thank you for bringing us a fresh beginning!