11/10/2014 06:45 pm ET Updated Jan 10, 2015

After Vipassana, Heartfulness Meditation

Ron Chapple Stock via Getty Images

Vipassana takes us to the door and heartfulness meditation leads us to the treasure inside. Let me explain. Vipassana meditation is a great gift. We learn to concentrate. We learn not to follow the seemingly endless distractions our mind can create. They are not leading us to where we want to go! Finally Vipassana meditation teaches us thinking and awareness are not the same thing. We can know awareness separate from thinking. We can know simple awareness. This is the door where Vipassana brings us.

Heartfulness is what we find inside the doorway. Once we discover awareness separate from our thoughts, once we enjoy just being, there is the great world of heartfulness or heart essence waiting for us. As our awareness passes through the doorway, leaving our mind and entering our heart, there is so much to receive.

When our awareness is not flooded with thoughts, clouded with worries, filled with desires, we begin a journey of being, expanding, receiving our true nature. As young children we knew this experience of simple peace, innocence, being quick to forgive ourselves and others. When awareness is not carrying so much, we move easily, live more easily. The moment is vibrant, real, naturally joyful!

The beautiful secret is that as we practice heartfulness meditation, we are not only thinking less, our thoughts are actually washed away. Heart essence is lightening our load. Heart essence is relieving us of all the stuff which just floats aimlessly in our awareness. Heart essence restores our awareness to our original fresh, innocent, essence. Whether we call this our Buddha nature, simple peace, or God inside of us, heartfulness is life separate from the busy mind, life united with a deeper river within us. Heartfulness restores our connection with eternity.

This is the true gift of meditation. The potential is much more then having less stress, more well-being. Heartfulness meditation is absorbing heart essence. There is a stillness of the heart, a silent peace waiting for us. Heartfulness is receiving, resting, rescuing our worn out nerves, our tired being. In the gentleness of the stillness of our heart, we discover our awareness expanding. Beneath our small self with all its concerns is suddenly an ocean of unlimited heart essence,our greater being. There is a vastness, an unending divine self of no self.

Talk to people who have had a profound spiritual awakening. Listen carefully to people who have had a Near Death Experience. They all are describing a similar experience. There is a vast space, a realm very intimate, of indescribable love. Heartfulness meditation takes us through the door of our thinking world,our complex personality to a sacred place. In the stillness of our heart we come home. Literally people find a palace, golden rooms filled with brilliant light. Others find just endless space. But this endless space is important. As our awareness absorbs, identifies with this endlessness, our daily world does not affect us so deeply. We have an expanded self and with it more choices, more freedom, more joy. Awareness without so much unnecessary thinking is awareness on a new course of life!

We live in a much too much thinking world with way too little heart. Heartfulness restores the heart in each of us and through us in the world. There is much more to meditation then watching our thoughts. We don't want to watch heart essence. We want to be it! Heartfulness meditation restores, uncovers, realizes our Heaven self. Inside simple inner peace there are worlds for us to discover. We don't have to take the word of others what the other side is like. We find the love of the other side on this side, in our hearts, in a life of greater heartfulness.