Caption Contest: Obama vs. Romney... vs. Seamus?! (Updated With Winner)

10/03/2012 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Our winner is HuffPost community member BlueinUT with, "You guys may think you have some good ideas, but I'm the one that came up with the 'trickle down' theory!"



Tonight in Denver, President Obama and Mitt Romney will face off in their first debate, exchanging strategic sound bites on everything from the economy to health care to national security. But what even the most seasoned pundits don't know is that a third, unspoken participant will be looming over the proceedings: Seamus, the beleaguered Irish Setter, who 29 years ago took that infamous car trip with the Romney clan, strapped to the roof of the family wagon.

So the question remains: What memorable words will Seamus add to this historic debate? Will he channel Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, circa 1988, and level Romney with a devastating blow like: "I know Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo is a friend of mine. Governor, you're no Scooby Doo?" Will he try to mix the personal and political, cracking, "Tell me, Governor Romney, is a debt ceiling anything like a car roof?" Or will he simply go full Jack Nicholson, staring down Romney with that hang-dog look, and declaring: ""Mitt, you can't handle the roof!"

As the authors of the new (clearly unauthorized) biography of Seamus, we're throwing the question to you, the wise and wily readers of The Huffington Post. Write your suggested caption for Seamus in the comments space below, and if we like yours the best, we'll send you an autographed copy of our book, Dog On the Roof: On the Road With Mitt and the Mutt. We'll also publish the winning caption -- and the name of the writer -- here on the site in the days to come.

Remember: politics may be a dog-eat-dog business, but sometimes you've just gotta laugh. Or bark.