05/16/2012 12:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gay AND Christian? Welcome!

So very excited about a new blog that Kimberly Knight is now hosting as part of the Progressive Christian Channel on Patheos called Coming Out Christian. I don't know Kimberly really well, but I do know her to be a thoughtful, passionate and strong voice in conversations about justice, technology and faith in Jesus Christ. I can think of few people who would be better at gathering people together for some important conversations about being gay and Christian in the United States.

This snippet from Kimberly's introductory post is simply beautiful:

This blog is a place where real people with beating hearts and quick minds can gather to explore what for many people seems a paradox but for me has never a source of conflict -- being gay and Christian in America.  And guess what?  As it turns out, there are as many ways this unfolds as there are ways of being not-gay and Christian in America.

What I know to be true is that debates do not change hearts and minds, people do, people and their stories.  As you get to know the people who share their stories here I hope you will hold an open place in your heart just as Christ holds for you.

And as strong-willed and gracious as Kimberly may be, I also know that this is a bold step, because, as many of us know these two parts of a person's life -- gay and Christian -- have been seen and experienced as mutually exclusive if not hostile toward one another. Kimberly and anyone who participates in this conversation are taking a big risk by putting their voices out there knowing that there will be, if not already, verbal violence directed towards this space.

For those who do decide to make their voices known, I know that it will be worth the risk. There will be people sojourning along, for whatever reason never commenting or participating directly, but gaining strength of spirit to know that there are others who are doing so on their behalf. Some of us blog to make a living, others hock our wares, but it is blogs like this that will save people: their spirits and their lives.

Welcome Kimberly and all who will enter this holy space.

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