03/19/2013 11:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Start Up That Is Speeding Up Business

Technology and innovation are helping to make our lives more comfortable and efficient. I remember my college years when I lived in Japan during a study abroad how we used to have to hang our clothes out to dry because there wasn't room for a big expensive washer/dryer combo in our tiny apartment.

Most of us probably couldn't live without some of our staple comforts (my iPhone) and now technology is changing the speed, efficiency and yes, the cost of doing business. I was recently reminded of this a couple of months ago when I finished my tax returns and I was seriously grateful for the new technology of e-signature from a hot start up called DocuSign. My fax machine feels like an ancient relic...

Watch this video as we go Behind the Brand with the smart folks from DocuSign and learn how they are disrupting many traditional industries like real estate, finance, and more--but in a good way.