04/18/2014 02:52 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2014

How a Quirky Little Niche Brand Found the Holy Grail of Social Media ROI

Marketers and social media en·thu·si·asts have long chased the dream of being able to calculate traditional ROI (for clients and their C-suite) for spending all that time on Twitter, FB, Youtube et al.

In fact, there are a few good people worth looking up after you watch this video for some follow up. Check out Olivier Blanchard, author Social Media ROI ; the blog(s) of Peter Kim, Brian Solis and Scott Monty to name a few...

For the purpose of this discussion let's focus on a quirky little niche brand in Orem, Utah called Orabrush. But be careful and don't call them "an Internet sensation..." because although they have had tremendous success, there's nothing lucky or coincidental about their "sensational" success on Youtube.

How in the world is this little company making millions by investing 100 percent of their ad budget exclusively on Youtube videos?

Note to reader: This is not about subs and views for Orabrush -- it's about selling their products -- and you can do it too.

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