04/24/2014 04:35 pm ET Updated Jun 24, 2014

Jamie Oliver - Behind the Brand

In the latest episode of Behind the Brand, I get in the kitchen with chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver, best known for his shows, The Naked Chef and Food Revolution.

But Jamie Oliver is making an impact beyond what most TV celebrities do, from helping reform legislation removing unhealthy ingredients in fast food to community outreach at the local level by helping elementary schools rethink their lunch menus.

What can business pros learn from Jamie? A lot...

Jamie's YouTube channel (Foodtube) is blowing up because he's committed to experimenting with video and creating content that pulls fans in -- NOT pushes out marketing messages or tries to sell F&B's (features and benefits). Jamie's content delivers value by way of teaching viewers how to prepare delicious healthy food and recipe recommendations.

Jamie is a passionate entrepreneur who is making things happen. One example of this is a new venture launched in the U.S. last year called, Jamie Oliver At Home, a party planning business that celebrates and combines Jamie's passion for food, education and bringing people together in the home.

We live in the connection economy where trust and attention are now valuable assets. Jamie has built a huge online community and is mobilizing his fans and other people to help create massive change in outdated systems and industries that are broken, including food and beverage, QSR (quick service restaurants) and at the local level to help families.

We can all take a page from Jamie's playbook. Watch the full video episode above. Tweet me @BryanElliott or leave a comment below to let me know what you think.