03/27/2013 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Dan Pink isn't someone you would think is a traditional sales guy, he's a best-selling author and former speech writer for Vice President Al Gore. But Pink says that he is in sales now -- and so is everyone else on the planet, we just might not realize this fact. The problem is that whether you're in sales or in a more subtle non-sales selling position like trying to upgrade your current job, most people are repelled at the thought.

What imagery or feeling does the word "sales" conjure up? For most (excluding those in sales roles) it includes words like: cheesy, snake, liar, cheat....

My mind immediately went to the horrific experience of walking into my local car dealership and trying to buy a car. No matter what I do I also walk away feeling like I got swindled. I think I would rather walk on hot coals than buy a car from a dealership...

Pink's point in his new book, To Sell is Human is that the traditional model of selling is broken. ABC-style (always be selling) is outdated, especially when there is no longer (in most cases) an information advantage on the side of the seller. The Internet and other technology have leveled the playing field and so it's a brand new game with new rules.

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