03/12/2013 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Where Does Innovation Come From?

Where do celebrities like Brad Pitt and a slew of other high-profiler's from Hollywood and beyond go to get their uber cool custom motorcycles built? They cruise down to a little city in Orange County, California to meet with young creative genius Roland Sands.

Sands is as legit and gritty as the bikes he builds...

And he doesn't pull any punches about how he innovates in a niche category that is both a sport and fashion statement. At RSD (Roland Sands Design) Sands feels the pressure to stay ahead of the curve with copycats on every corner. He believes staying relevant and above the cut is about keeping them (clients and competitors) guessing. It's not about playing to fad or being that shop that produces a particular look. It's about finding inspiration wherever you are.

Sands is an avid skateboarder, surfer and motorcycle rider. He's inspired by things like graffiti art, nature, music and popular culture: past, present and future. Watch this full episode of Behind the Brand and we'll show you how Roland Sands Design gets it done.