09/30/2013 02:30 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Work Smart, Not Hard

"Work Smart, Not Hard" was a poster that young Mike Rowe saw when he was just beginning his acting career. It featured a smiling young man on the left with a diploma who represented "smart" and another young man on the right with a wrench representing "hard." Should he go to college, get some paper and join the rat race or head to trade school and get a job that required "hard" work?

The image of that poster stuck with him, but that's not all. The seed for being an entrepreneur and the concept for his show "Dirty Jobs" was planted early in Rowe's mind by his grandfather who was an incredibly handy and hardworking man.

Flash forward and now actor Mike Rowe is probably one of the most recognized faces and voices in America. From his wildly successful 9-season run as "Dirty Jobs" creator and host, to his prolific Ford Motor Company commercials and Discovery Channel voice over's, he's everywhere.

Rowe is the hero (and defacto voice) of blue collar workers. His show spotlighted the dirty but all-important occupations that keep the US economy strong. Now he's on a mission to spread the word about the "profoundly disconnected" stigma attached to the deceptive and misleading "Work Smart, Not Hard" idealogy that still exists today.

I went Behind the Brand with Mike and talked about his new projects and how he's trying to ignite the job market by shining a spotlight on entrepreneurs and opportunities to get dirty again.