09/13/2012 01:47 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

Learn Bee Keeping and High School Math

Remember the High School Club Fair? It was the opportunity to pursue interests from philately to filmmaking, all under one roof.

Brooklyn Brainery is like an extracurricular club fair for adult curiosity seekers. Founders Jen Messier and J. Soma struck upon the idea when they discovered that continuing education was largely limited to pricey one-time lectures, and pricier university-level options.

Each month Brooklyn Brainery rolls out new classes like bee keeping, DSLR training, and even high school math -- all taught by community locals. The commitment is low (generally one class a week for three weeks), the cost is lower ($25 per hour), and the vast majority of classes sell out

It all started as a side project funded through Kickstarter. Two years, and 200 teachers later, Brooklyn Brainery is a full-fledged, full-time business, already growing out of the space they leased just a year ago.

Part of their success, according to Messier and Soma, is because a community has formed around the classes. The first housewarming party at their Carroll Gardens location in January 2011 had a line around the block. And two of their graduates are now married, having met in a particularly fated Philosophy class. (Talk about extracurricular.)

Check out the full roster of fall classes here. And get more info on teaching here.

Now go forth (and get schooled).

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