11/12/2012 02:44 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2013

Citizens Now United

Dear Karl Rove,

Good job injecting $300 million into the immediate economy. Don't worry about having nothing to show for it, American's are used to seeing billions of their tax dollars spent on things like stealth bombers that are a complete waste of our money. I am not shocked that the Republicans chose to use their own internal polling system to ascertain the party's strength... you guys believe in so many things that are born out of arrogance and narcissism. The truth is that the same God that you claim tells many of your candidates to run for office, decided to rain out your convention and cause havoc before the vote to remind people that Obama at least cares about people and not just the ones depicted on our currency.

Regarding your perceived mistake on how you handled the Latinos. Latin American U.S. citizens don't need to be handled, they need to be loved and recognized like everyone else -- you remember love, don't you Karl? That emotion born out of compassion and respect for the living.

I am sure you are quite the brainiac, I am still awestruck the way your party was able to turn John Kerry's military experience into a liability for him. Pretty swift but it turns out that in the end you all missed the boat.

Americans are ready to help lift each other above the threats of environmental pollution, which includes carefully studying where we drill baby drill. Am I missing something or are you guys not residing on the same planet where toxicity can kill us all? Anyway, to show there are no hard feeling for all the lies, misleading presentations, and populace impertinence your megabuck group displayed in the recent election, I will give you some advice.

Hydrate regularly, cook with coconut oil, add soaked chia seeds to your diet, avoid GMOs, and focus your mind on accomplishing world peace, a cleaner environment, and societal equality. The party you save may be your own.