05/20/2014 01:41 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2014

Occupy Wall Space

As odd as discovering that Attila the Hun made potpourri, George W. Bush is now a avid portrait artist. I have seen some of his work, and even though it doesn't quite move me, I wish it were the picture he was painting while he was in office, as I am sure does the National Endowment of Arts.

Maybe it is time we use him to inspire peace in America. Wait a second! What? George W. influencing the humane treatment of citizens? Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan has been sentenced to three months in jail for elbowing a rude police officer with a history of violence who grabbed her breast from behind during a protest.

Here's where George comes in; if he can create art, ANYONE can. Why not influence all the freedom loving people in America to occupy wall space right now in defiance of what appears to be the corrupt conviction of someone exercising their constitutional right. Put up exhibits everywhere. Schools, museums, restaurants, and anywhere else in plain sight. Use George W's name to the country's advantage in beginning to erase our reputation as a republic of warmongers who want to limit our rights and treat women like inferior beings.

It is time to show the nation that ART and PROTEST are not dangerous, obscene, or nefarious, but essential in ensuring that we lead ourselves away from heeding to the whims of corporate politics. Forget taking to the streets, and Occupy Wall Space. A lot of it. Sorry George W. Bush, but just like the Iraq war was for many, you might wind up participating in this movement whether you believe in it or not.