01/27/2016 11:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

McDonald's France Tries 'American Winter' Promo

American-themed menu promotions are staples of McDonald's and Burger King marketing in Europe, but McDonald's France has gone one better, introducing "American Winter," a five-item seasonal menu.

This latest American promotion nod comes while McDonald's Italy is running its Great Tastes of America promotion (with star-shaped burgers named for Texas, Miami's Ocean Drive and Route 66) and Burger King UK is in the midst of a Route 66 Roadtrip promo featuring a Chicago Steakhouse burger, Texas Crunch Whopper and California Chicken Tendercrisp sandwich.


Despite the name, McDonald's France's five-item American Winter menu (above) does not seem especially American. It includes two burgers: the Bacon & Cheddar Fondu (beef with cheese sauce, crispy bacon and melted Cheddar) and Champignons & Cheddar Fondu (beef, cheese sauce, grilled mushrooms and melting and melted Cheddar).

There is also what it's calling a Burger Fromage Pané & Fondant that's more a giant Mozzarella Stick in a bun than burger. There's no beef patty, just a deep-fried cheese patty with lettuce and tomato. Smaller versions of the fried cheese patty are the base for a McWrap Fromage Pané. Finally, there are seasoned ridged Winter Fries.

This is the sort of seasonal promotion that the U.S. has seen since 2013, when Burger King stopped doing multi-item Summer Menu LTOs.

Separately, in another curious menu twist, McDonald's Hong Kong has introduced Sweet Potato Sensation (below), a mix of sweet potato and McDonald's classic vanilla ice cream. It's available as a cone, sundae or McFlurry.