12/18/2012 01:31 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2013

Re: Consumer Electronics Show 2013

To: All Electronics Manufacturers, Sellers, Buyers & Techies.
Re: Consumer Electronics Show
Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: January 8-11

I am writing this memo to bring to your attention an extremely important and very serious matter. You absolutely must attend the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas this January.

The show, known to all previous attendees, as 'CES', is the World's largest electronics show.

Don't worry about the fact that Apple, the world's leading consumer electronics manufacturer, does not attend the show in any official capacity. Obviously, someone at Apple doesn't get the importance of this event.

And, you should completely ignore the fact the Microsoft no longer attends CES either. They are really more of a software manufacturer, anyways. Except for the Surface. And the XBox.

You should not concern yourself that there are, in fact, a lot of Apple employees who do attend the Show to walk the floor. They are not there to steal borrow your innovations. I am sure when the late Steve Jobs said, "Picasso had a saying -- 'good artists copy, great artist steal' -- and we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas" he was, like, totally joking.

Yes, don't be afraid to put all of your best and brightest product innovations on display in your booth for all to see.

And, if your best and brightest innovations are more "me too" imitations of other companies' great products, CES is just the show for you. Did someone say "tablet"? Smart phone anyone?

What if your product is more colored lights and buzzy noises than smartphone? Bring it along! It's electronic isn't it? CES loves to showcase your gimmicky crap, whoops, I mean products too.

Head over to marketing right now and have them cut you a check for an exhibit booth to showcase your company's wares. Hint: the bigger the booth, the better chance you have of attracting buyers. Also make sure you get marketing to throw in some cash so you can hire some 'booth babes' too. That is 100 percent guaranteed to attract buyers to your stand.

Oh, and one more thing. You may have heard a nasty rumor that CES is way overcrowded and that you have to wait in incredibly long lines to get a cab, enjoy a meal or grab a drink. It's not true. Las Vegas is a small town. You will easily get to see all the greatest and latest electronics on display at the Show. And everyone will be able to find your booth. No issue, there either.

Trust me. You will be fine.

Yes, CES is the must attend event of the year. I'll see you there.

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