08/21/2012 08:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pray for Purple, Diana Nyad 55 Miles From Key West

Tuesday 2:00am EDT 58:17 Swim time

I am writing from aboard the Quest, one of 7 ships in the flotilla escorting Diana Nyad on her record setting attempt to swim unaided from Cuba to Florida. Around 1:45am, we were in the midst of another heavy squall that is encompassing all of the straits for a little while. This will be another hold up. Diana Nyad is approximately 55 miles off the coast of Key West. Right now, we are waiting out the storm. Everyone is safe. Diana is a little chilly but holding up well. Our weather and current expert Vanessa Linsley is closely monitoring the weather, winds and currents to help us find the best course for Diana to swim.


--Candace Hogan aboard Quest

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