06/27/2016 10:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 'YES' Below Busy


In a quiet moment on a deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea, I joined my yoga students in a pose. On one knee, with my arms floating in the air, I closed my eyes and listened to the waves crashing nearby. I felt embraced by the pulsing beat of the ocean.

My body gently lifted and lowered in cadence with the sea. This wasn't the result of anything I was trying to do. Rather, this pulse seemed to emerge from my core and expand outward, carrying an electrifying ripple to every cell in my body. Its message felt like a resounding "YES," an indescribable aliveness.

In this power-packed moment, I tapped into the pulse of life that runs through me, you, and every living being. It became crystal clear that this ripple of electricity, this ever-present "YES," is always here, waiting for me to slow down enough to feel it, wanting me to drop below the noise just long enough to listen.

Although we may be good at interpreting the obvious physical signals our body sends, like when we are tired or hungry, we miss the subtle ones. Below the static of our everyday busyness, our bodies offer us a map of how to access our potential to shine. Insight and direction are continuously poking and prodding us from the inside, reminding us of what we need to do to overcome obstacles and optimize our lives.

Your "YES" is always ready to communicate. Can you feel it?

Try tuning in now. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Notice sensation in your body. You may sense tingling, coolness, or heat or even spaciousness and ease of being. There's no right or wrong. Just relax and tune into the subtle sensations rising up to meet and greet you.

Now ask yourself the following questions. Don't worry about the answers. Simply ask each question, pause for few breaths, and allow the answers to emerge from a place beyond words and thoughts.

● What am I sensing in my body in this moment?
● Can I feel my "YES?"
● How am I being called to live right now?

Ask, pause, and listen, and with practice you'll recognize the prods, pokes, and ripples happening all of the time. Ask, pause, and listen, and you'll start trusting your very own power-packed insight and direction. You may even start pausing to check in with your "YES" before acting and speaking.

Since that unforgettable moment with the slow sunset and beat of the ocean before me, I've grown to trust that below the static of busy is an aliveness guiding me, you, and every living being, in how to be fully alive. The pulses and ripples of "YES" want to show us how to shine. We only need to get quiet enough to listen and trust.