06/05/2014 11:12 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2014

6 Reasons Why I Hate That My Husband Works From Home (and 6 Reasons Why It's Awesome)

Cara Paiuk

Here are six reasons why I hate that my husband works from home:

1. I can hear everything he does.

EVERYTHING. Sometimes I think I can even hear him breathing. The truth is I can hear every creak in the floor, toilet flush and roll of the office chair. That means the twins can too. Right when I have them settled down for a nap, my husband does something none of us would think twice about (like take a shower) and boom! The girls awake, overtired, pissed off and out for revenge. Just like their mama.

2. I may be hanging out playing with the girls and my husband comes downstairs to get lunch.
He pops his head in, gets the girls' attention to say hi, and then LEAVES. He LEAVES me with two hysterically crying girls because they are always devastated when Daddy leaves the room. Everything is peaceful until he comes in for a few seconds and leaves a disaster in his wake. And I am left to clean up the mess while trying to get my blood pressure down from the rafters.

3. He interrupts me.
A couple times a day, I get to my computer to write emails or articles. It is often in two-five minute chunks of time. Inevitably, within moments of getting focused, he interrupts me. Whether in person, by text or a phone call, his timing is impeccable.

4. He makes horrible-smelling lunches for himself.
Horrible. Of course I want him to eat, but I really don't like having to avoid a room or two of the house while the smell goes away (think week-old reheated cauliflower).

5. I feel like someone is watching me all of the time.
And judging me. When I hear him about to come downstairs, I know I will be getting a break momentarily. By the time he comes downstairs, I am at my computer. It is not where I have been for the last three hours, but all he sees is that is where I am at that exact moment and assumes that I have been there for hours. Grrr!

6. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
I miss the anticipation of seeing him again. I sometimes wish I could look forward to him coming home at the end of the day, the hello kiss, the mutual "How was your day?" and the kids running into his arms.

And six reasons why it's awesome:

1. Poo-namis? Poo-throughs? Whatever you may call them, this is where my husband shines!
He doesn't mind them at all. I just text him, or scream if it is really bad (like when I found them EATING poo... I am still traumatized from it). He comes running down like a superhero and takes care of the poo for me.

2. He makes me coffee!

3. If I am wiped out, or just need a break, or need some personal space, or desperately need a cup of coffee, my hubs (as long as he has no meetings and things aren't crazy at work) will do his best to accommodate me.
I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate him for this and how grateful I am that he can help as much he does. We have no family nearby, and he really fills in those gaps.

4. Sometimes, if his schedule allows it, we can all go out for lunch together!
Or run a quick errand. Or just relax for a moment. It can be nice not to have to wait until the end of the day to spend time and have a conversation with my husband.

5. I know he will never cheat on me with his secretary at work.

6. He sees the kids more than most husbands do and is around for the milestones.
It might seem like an interruption or inconvenience at times for me -- for the both of us really -- but I know we will look back and both be so grateful that he worked from home.