02/05/2015 12:50 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2015

Emotional Waterboarding

Recently a dear family friend and founder of Operation Open Arms, Captain John Giddy-Up Bunch shared a term with me that at first made me laugh out loud and then made me think. He said, "F**k anyone who emotionally waterboards someone... it's a slow, deliberate death and one of the worst forms of torture because the pain is never-ending." The term resonated because much of my professional life is focused on encouraging women and girls to dream big, be brave and have courage to forge a path that they and they alone are truly called to. Afterall, I teach and speak on Women's Leadership and no matter where I go, I hear countless stories of hardship and struggle that people have overcome. Big, massive hardships that I am amazed by their resiliency and tenacity. These are the stories that make for great articles and some even books and they are applauded for their survival and triumph. As they well should be. But what about all the women who haven't shared their stories, how many sit in the audience silently suffering, carrying the weight of the emotional trauma they've endured. How many of the women I teach and interact with are being emotionally waterboarded?

It kills me that anyone would endure this on the daily.

No one, woman or man, should ever be made to feel less than whole or invisible.

No one should ever make you feel anything less than the amazing, incredible human being that you are. Every day in small and big ways the people in your life should uplift you and bring joy to your soul.

If they do not, in any way you can, remove them from your orbit. And move on. You owe this to yourself and those who truly care about you, all of you.

And f**k anyone who tries to emotionally waterboard you.