The California Calendar: Jerry Brown to Make Thirteen Stops in Just Three Days (Slideshow)

Starting tomorrow, Jerry's embarking on a massive end-of-campaign push. He'll crisscross California, visiting thirteen sites in just three days. Supporters are encouraged to come out to their local events; it will truly be a tour de gubernatorial candidate force.

This got me thinking. We all know why places like LA, the second-largest city in America, and Oakland, Jerry's hometown, made the list. But what about the other ten cities? Surely Bakersfield and Eureka have their own special somethings, too.

And so I present to you some little-known tidbits and hidden gems that contribute to the patchwork of the world's eighth largest economy. Will Jerry be visiting the home of the albino koala? How about the town locals call America's Salad Bowl? Scroll through the slideshow to find out.

The California Calendar: Jerry Brown To Make Thirteen Stops In Just Three Days