02/24/2016 07:32 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2017

8 Tips on How to Be a Bad Boy

Nice guys are great. In fact, they're really great. But women don't want to date just a nice guy. They want to date a man with an edge. Here are eight ways to be a little bit of a bad boy.

Be Opinionated
Women love a man who is opinionated. Want to be extra attractive to women? Then have a decisive opinion on everything - from where you like to dine to what you do on a Saturday afternoon. Knowing what you want and what you like is appealing. Be decisive.

Be a MAN
Notice the capital letters above? Women want an M-A-N. A real man; a man's man. So, men have to lead. They're the ones who should be in charge. Take control in every situation and go after what you want.

Love Yourself A Whole Lot
Self-love is imperative. A man with an edge knows what he brings to a relationship. He's aware that he's really awesome. Value yourself enough to know that you're a true catch.

Treat Yourself Right
Allow yourself to enjoy the things you appreciate. You don't have to be a billionaire to treat yourself right. But you should make time for yourself. Spend time doing things that are important to you. When you do things you like, you're content and it shows. We all know that when you're happy you're more confident.

Talk About Your Experiences
Have you done exceptionally awesome things in your life? Well, now is the time to talk about them. Be self-assured and excited about everything you've done.

Be Passionate
Passion is alluring. You should be enthusiastic about every part of your life. Sure, you may not love your job. But when you talk about it, talk about it eagerly. Your apartment might not be the home you always imagined. But when you mention it, be exhilarated about it. Your family could very well be a tad bit nutty. Don't stress - most families are. Share stories about your family and be animated.

Avoid Being Bland
Bland men aren't a turn on. Women want to date spicy, assertive, intriguing men. At all costs, avoid being boring, monotonous, or coming off very routine oriented. Tell funny stories and ask interesting questions.

Turn On The Charm
A man who is charming makes both men and women feel like he's genuinely interested in them. You should value chatting with others and have an attractive personality. An easy way to be charming is to be engaging. Be so captivating and fascinating that all women want to meet you.