06/18/2013 01:35 pm ET Updated Aug 18, 2013

Picture This! Great Teaching -- An Inspired Way to Celebrate Teachers

How would you answer this question: "When I picture great teaching, I see ______?"

Last month, Carnegie Corporation and 50 leading education nonprofits celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with Picture This! Great Teaching -- a photo-sharing digital collaboration inviting teachers, students, parents, and anyone interested in great teaching, to answer that question with the power of photography.

Of more than 700 photos submitted, here are the finalists for a $3,500 prize awarded to the K-12 public school of the winner's choice. They were chosen for how well both the pictures and the descriptions depict inspirational teaching. This slideshow features the winner, the most "liked," and 10 finalists -- all powerful examples of the many forms great teaching takes.

Picture This! Great Teaching%u2014An Inspired Way to Celebrate Teachers