10/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Hillary Backer Who Loves Biden Will Vote for McCain/Palin

I emailed Simone DuBois after John McCain made his seeming (to me) boneheaded pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his VP. DuBois, a Hillary diehard who takes her place in the 2008 campaign history because it was she who, earlier this summer, videotaped Hillary at a "Unity" [with Obama] fundraiser in Los Altos Hills, California. It was there that Hillary seemed to encourage her supporters to devise a "strategy" for a roll call vote at the convention as a means of "catharsis." and volunteered that she could not control her supporters. I wrote about it at the time and linked to the You Tube video of the event that had become an instant hit.

I later interviewed DuBois and described how she switched from unwavering Democrat to a woman who was set to vote for John McCain.

I kept in touch with her during the Denver convention when she and her gang of "warriors" engaged in a kind of street theater to ridicule Obama. Here"s a sample in DuBois's words: "One guy started yelling 'haters, haters, haters' -- We started chanting 'Rezko' -- then he said 'Monica' -- we laughed and chanted 'Ayers.'"

I have just received an email from DuBois describing her elation at the McCain pick of Sarah Palin. It remains difficult for me to square how someone who supported Hillary -- a pro-choice, left-of-center politician, a faith-based politician when she needs to be, but certainly the firmest of believers in separation of church and state -- could morph into a supporter of Palin who advocates teaching creationism in the public schools.

When I interviewed DuBois earlier in August, weeks before Obama selected Biden to be his vice president, she told me that her second choice in the primaries was Joe Biden; "I love Biden."

But not enough to vote for Obama/Biden.

Here's DuBois in an email of August 31 describing her unbounded enthusiasm for McCain/Palin:

I think [McCain] made a brilliant choice. You have 90% of AA's voting for Obama many because he's black. If you're black and not voting for Obama then you are harassed, ridiculed and shunned. It happened to delegates at the convention last week who were voting for Hillary. So - I think there will be several swing voters going for Palin - they can identify with her. Having Palin on the ticket sealed the deal for me. She's a women's point of view for me.

I am so disappointed with the democratic party with their voter fraud and lies. They (DNC) got kicked in the pants on this -- they didn't see it coming - I thought about it - I said he should pick a woman - maybe Palin.

Obama was completely STUPID not to pick Hillary. She would have sealed the deal for him - would have brought in PA, OH, AK, VA, etc. His arrogance and inexperience will cost him the election. He will not win."