05/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill and Hill On Stage Together Again

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Did you notice?

One of the biggest surprises after Hillary's big win in Pennsylvania was that standing just behind her on the stage as she basked in applause at the start of her victory speech was Bill Clinton. (He seemed reluctantly to follow the cue of Hillary's mother in exiting left before Hillary started to speak.)

The last time Bill was in camera range during a victory speech or a concession couched as a victory was after the "inevitable" candidate's shocking third place finish in Iowa -- the race that started her on her downward trajectory. That January night at a speech that was not part of the plot of the Clintons' restoration, Bill bit his nails as he gloomily gazed out at Hillary's supporters. An AP reporter described the once rock star ex-president as "a relic." Obama was the candidate of the young and hopeful; Clinton of the has beens. As if to illustrate that, also on stage with Hillary after Iowa were General Wesley Clark -- the Clintons' straw man in 2004; they were said to be behind his brief flirtation with the nomination, under the theory that he could not win and would leave the door open for Hillary in 2008 -- and Hillary's close friend and therefore Bill's Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (No matter how rested Albright might be, she always looks tired.)

Perhaps Bill's appearance Tuesday night -- even though his outbursts and misrepresentations have made some wonder if he's flirting with senility or with an unconscious desire to see Hillary lose -- signals that Hillary is convinced she can grab the nomination. It seems to this biographer of Bill Clinton to signal a new chapter in the Clintons' roller-coaster lives; more significant than the numbers that still stubbornly point to Obama, not Hillary, as the inevitable nominee.

Read more reactions from Huffington Post bloggers to the Pennsylvania Primary results