10/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Emails From Two Hillary Supporters Voting For McCain/Palin

I check in with Marc Rubin and Simone DuBois from time to time and emailed them yesterday asking what they made of Sarah Palin, and, given her stands on issues, have they come around to voting for Obama.

Polls show that one-third of Hillary backers have not yet come to terms with voting for Obama and Obama is getting advice to pay more attention to these women (and men).

Their responses were in my Inbox when I checked my email this morning.

The first, from Marc Rubin, co-founder of the Denver Group, which hoped to persuade the superdelegates to return to Hillary and to snatch the nomination from Obama. Both he and his counterpart, Heidi Li Feldman, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, believe that Clinton but not Obama can defeat McCain. See my earlier post on them.

"Obama is such a joke its actually hard for me to believe that anyone with an IQ in 3 digits who isnt so blinded by party loyalty that they would vote for anyone that the party designates could vote for Obama. as I said, I nailed him from the beginning as a fraud and a snake oil salesman and he is. there is really no debate about qualifications or who ought to be President. Obama has zero to recommend him. He isnt even qualfiied to be a senator but then you could say that about a few of them. Its not a difficult choice. Its an unfortunate choice in that the DNC actually had to rig their nominating process and put in the fix to force Obama as the candidate but I have no doubt the country would be in much better hands with McCain than Obama.

The second is from Simone DuBois. I have described her previously, as "a Hillary diehard who takes her place in the 2008 campaign history because it was she who, earlier this summer, videotaped Hillary at a "Unity" [with Obama] fundraiser in Los Altos Hills, California. It was there that Hillary seemed to encourage her supporters to devise a "strategy" for a roll call vote at the convention as a means of "catharsis." and volunteered that she could not control her supporters." See my earlier posts on her:

"Yes -- I am voting for McCain / Palin

I think Obama's ego and Michelle's hatred couldn't get them to make the smart choice. So much for the superior judgment. I was jumping up and down when it wasn't Hillary - literally - I got the text message on my way to bed.

I had said coming back from Denver - McCain would be smart to pick a women - maybe it will be Palin. The next day was brilliant - he kept the secret and built up the momentum and delivered.

Obama promised a text message to all those people who signed up for it and couldn't even deliver that. He's such a disappointment. He can't even fullfill one promise. He changes his mind on everything.