06/29/2007 09:37 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Ann Coulter Needs To Go Away

Ann Coulter has been getting a lot of press lately. I cannot help but wonder if it's something she's orchestrated herself since her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism was just released in paperback. She's a thorn in democracy's side, but she is certainly no dummy and it would definitely give a boost to sales of her bound diatribe.

A few days ago she was on Hardball with Chris Matthews. I'm sure you've heard about this where Elizabeth Edwards called into the program to try to reason with Coulter to stop talking about divisive non-issues and instead focus on topics that matter. Stretching out her long giraffe-like legs and constantly brushing back her lengthy, blonde locks, Coulter seemed ill at ease. I'm guessing the brushing back motion is a sign of discomfort while she found responding in a civil manner to be difficult. She also appeared grateful when someone from the audience shouted out a question asking why Elizabeth Edwards and not her husband was calling. Coulter parrotted the question to Edwards, who immediately responded that when Coulter talked about the death of her son, she had just as much a right to be offended and handle the situation herself. She did a great job doing so, even though Coulter tried to brush off the matter as if Edwards didn't possibly have any ground upon which to stand.

What was even more interesting in this discussion was when Matthews pointed out that Edwards did have a point and asked Coulter why she felt a need to talk about Hillary Clinton's chubby legs. Coulter immediately bristled and demanded Matthews give her the direct quote. He apparently didn't have the direct quote, which was a mistake on his part, but it was taken from her book. Still, Coulter played stupid, acting as though she couldn't recall what context it was given from a book she ostensibly wrote herself. The thing is, what on earth would Clinton's legs have to do with her politics anyway? What context could Coulter justify in such a statement that would add to intelligent dialogue? (Ah...there's the rub: "intelligent dialogue" seems to be out of Coulter's agenda.)

She also likes to comment negatively on Barack Obama's middle name, as though she cannot distinguish one Hussein from another, as though trying to make sure those who cannot separate truth from fiction on their own will immediately think, "Duh. Wow. He's got the same name as that asshole we knocked down in Iraq. He must be dangerous." These same people, including Coulter, tend to forget that the very first Americans had names like Chief Running Bear or White Oaks Standing. Rather ignorant trying to stir a controversy using someone's name, wouldn't you say?

Some people can react quickly in a debate, and Coulter is one of those people. The problem is that her mouth flaps while her brain is in a holding pattern. Maybe some people find her entertaining and if she were in a circus or as a stand-up comedienne, that may be the case, but since she is adding to the divisive political nature in our country, I say she is a sensationalistic distraction that the Bush administration is thrilled to have.