11/28/2013 08:25 am ET

A Thanksgiving Blessing For All Living Things

Divine Spirit, Blessed Ones,
who guide us throughout our days,
help us to honor our Mother, Gaia, the elegant Earth
by breathing compassion, kindness, courage
generosity and gratitude
deeply into our being.

Open our souls so we may be fully alive
and experience our connection to all living things as family.
Teach us to transform our limited thoughts
into open-hearted action,
to heal the illusion of separateness,
to care take all species as our sisters and brothers
by protecting their innocence and upholding their dignity.

Let the light of love transcend all boundaries
and weave a tapestry through the four directions:
north, south, east, and west.
From the sky blue hues of heaven
and the sunlight pouring through
to the dark, wet loam of the first forests,
through the marketplaces of wizened lands
that bear the fruit picked by many hands,
and on to the sweeping sand of desert
and flowering meadows, majestic glaciers,
curvaceous islands, ancient walls and
the seething jungles that continually call
"I am a part of you. I am a part of you."
To mystical mountains and beyond,
to blazing cities and tiny ports,
to the quiet resolution of the ocean floors.
Skin, seed, fur, feather, leaf, root, and bone.
let us breathe as one:
One world,
One tribe,
One soul.
It is done.

C2013, Carol Simone

(Originally published & performed For United Nations World Environment Day, San Francisco, CA.)