01/02/2014 09:39 am ET Updated Mar 02, 2014

365 Invocations to Create an Extraordinary Life, Week 12

Namaste and Aloha!

Here we are at another energetic gateway where, if we are aligned with the creator, we can co-create how 2014 will materialize.

However, the 31st of December and 1st of January are often packed with our self-judgment and guilt instead of realization, acceptance and inspiration. So, before you make your list of what you will do (and be) differently in 2014 take some time and try out the following exercise. This is my New Year's gift to you.

First, visualize your connection to the creator, whether you see this as nature, light, or a certain energy. Feel your spirit's everlasting connection to that source. See that energy streaming into your cells as it always is. Feel it building. Then breathe deeply into your belly. Notice if you are feeling tension -- and if you are -- go to that place. Breathe deeply there and keep remembering that you are loved so deeply by that which creates enduring beauty -- and the essence of what you call "my world." Keep streaming that energy and sending love until you begin to release. Continue doing this until you feel softer, and more flowing. When you are feeling peaceful and relaxed ask yourself, "What holds true meaning for me in my life?" Ask it several times until you relax deeply into this question.

Next, notice what comes into your mind. Don't judge your answers, just let them drift in memories and moments that have brought you joy or some kind of awakening or a sense of how blessed you are. This could be anything. A new sweater, a massage, a walk in nature, discovering a poem or piece of music, a kiss, a promotion, a piece of chocolate, a new car, giving to an organization, writing a letter, forgiving someone, a journey you took, looking into a child's eyes, taking a healing bath, the kindness of a stranger, being with an animal, recovering from a painful situation. What holds true meaning for you, really? What makes you feel more alive?

When you are feeling clear, write down these things and then ask someone else to come and join you. Explain what you have been doing and ask them to listen as you begin to talk about what holds real meaning for you in your life. After each pronouncement, ask them to ask you "Does that really hold true meaning for you?" Then breathe and feel into what you have chosen. Notice how your body reacts. Is it feeling tighter or more relaxed? Notice how the truth surfaces the closer you come to your truth. After awhile you will find yourself easily discerning what holds real meaning for you and you will feel more self-love and compassion emerging. You will also discover your "highest good." This is the time to make the list of where you are going to be focusing your energy for the new year and beyond. And then, of course, it is time to re-realize your connection to the creator once more and then read your list (or single intention) out loud, and invoke it!

Here are seven invocations to help you navigate and soar through 2014!

1. In every moment I am aligned to the energy of love that created me.
2. As I align myself to the energy of the creator I create magic!
3. Every day, in every way, I am aware of how blessed I am.
4. Breathing in I am happy, breathing out I am free.
5. I am focused and at ease as I create real meaning in my life.
6. I am a mirror reflecting peace and compassion within and all around me.
7. I relax into the knowing that this new year will hold true meaning for me.

My vision for 2014 is that everyone takes time to go inside and discover the love, compassion, and generosity that resides deep within. Happy New Year and 10,000 blessings from all directions! Be well!

Carol Simone, simply known as Simone, is a spiritual catalyst in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of The Goddess of 5th Avenue, Being Quan Yin, Becoming the Energy of Love and Compassion, The Kiss of the Shaman and others. You can write to her at