06/10/2013 02:19 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2013

Rancho Mirage Hosts Two Global Leaders

As the sun shone down beautifully on our private paradise, this Sunday began in the Coachella Valley, I gave thought to the unique gathering that had transpired over the weekend in my neighborhood. This morning was really special since I actually saw the motorcade of the President of China and our President Obama leaving from their two day talks at the Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands; which is across the street from where I live and with their leave, hopefully take with them some good will and another step for our world towards Peace and Understanding. I was on my way to meet with our new Congressman from the California 36th district Dr. Raul Ruiz, who embodies the American dream, moving up the ladder from farm worker's son to medical doctor and now Congressman. It was quite a thrill to be so close this weekend to the presidents of the two most powerful countries in the world, one a Chinese and the other African American. And to see this young man of Hispanic heritage welcoming our president, as a congressman, to his district and to this small valley where we are showing our country what is the American way. When I saw a news photo in the Sunday LA Times of the participants around the table this weekend, there was my friend and supporter Secretary John Kerry sitting next to President Obama. I hoped with the senator at that table there was at least a small bit of their conversation focused on what The Annenberg Retreat's mission states is their purpose, to facilitate the continued discussion of peacemaking in the world as a diplomatic tool.

The design and serenity that was created by the Annenberg's was to encourage leaders to come and share the dream of a better future with other invited friends and strangers from all over the globe. I totally support keeping that dream alive for all of us to see and eventually embrace. My work for the past two decades has been to reduce violence by teaching conflict resolution and Peacemaking through our workshops.

I was in Los Angeles area earlier this past week, attending the hearing at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding my case against the County of Riverside and the Four Deputies who brutally and in a crazy frenzy attacked my son and left him to die on the pavement in front of his home three years ago this past May. It was encouraging to hear the statements from three Justices on the bench who heard the case, and we believe from their words of encouragement, that they will lead us to a new trial with a hopefully new Judge who will not be the biased bully in the court room as our original justice. That is good news for me and my family, maybe we will get some vindication from a justice system that is not biased and maybe we can halt the free ride that law enforcement gets when they attack and kill civil society folks at radium. We need to have them concerned about some governing and oversight, we all need those limits. At that same time, just less than 20 miles away another trouble young man went on a rampage in the community college that my son Robert went to as he prepared for University and Law School, killing his family and 4 other innocent people just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

All too familiar a story, just as my own son was murdered at home, so were these other innocent folks taken out at the prime of life by a person who has been driven mad by our society, where we provide little support and nowhere to get help for any of the victims including the shooter. I know from my experience with the Peacemaker Corps Association workshops that when youths learn about the benefit of resolving conflicts through conversation, mediation and discussion they grow into responsible adults who can develop strong bonds to the community and become productive citizens.

Peacemaker Corps pledges to help stop the violence through our experience and vision, teaching how to build support communities bringing Peace in the Streets in anyone and everyone's neighborhood. We are compelled by all these outside forces to move forward with our crowd-funding campaign beginning next month whose goal is to raise funds from individuals through the internet, inspiring concerned global citizens donate whatever they can which will allow us raise the underwriting that we need to spread our workshops globally through morphing our training's into videos and sending our instructions free to every school teacher, first responders, mentors, youth leaders and government supporters. These workshop, tried and an acclaimed, with success has trained thousands of youths over the past 17 years and these videos that can be streamed online and available on DVDs will help millions become Peacemakers and change their lives.

As the date gets closer for our launch I will inform all my readers and supports where to find our pitch video and how to donate some funds to support our efforts to stop violence and start peacemaking.

I am excited to reach out through the web and gather supporters from all over the world. All one need to do is read the horrifying statistics from all over the globe spotlighting the increase of violence from every corner of our world. As I end this call to action this day, I wish all of us the power and strength to end the violent way our globe is suffering from and sow seeds of flowers and love for all.