10/27/2014 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Easy Fall Vegetable Dishes Your Family Will Love


1. Butternut Squash And Tomato Penne With Anchovy Butter Sauce


You don't have to love butternut squash to love this dish. My husband who doesn't like sweet ingredients in savory dishes can't get enough of this pasta! It's hearty, healthy, colorful and absolutely delicious. Grate a little fresh parmesan cheese on top for more umami and creaminess. GET THE RECIPE

2. Fall Vegetables With Goat Cheese And Balsamic Dressing


This is one bowl of comfort goodness! The vegetables are cooked separately using different methods which add a lovely contrast in texture. Sweet and acidic pair supremely well with the creaminess of the goat cheese, rounding up all the flavors beautifully. GET THE RECIPE

3. Spicy Tomato And Sweet Potato Soup


Get a nice kick of heat and a vitamin boost with this bright and spicy tomato and sweet potato soup. Sweet potatoes can sometimes have a cloyingly sweet taste and starchy texture that can take over a dish. This soup uses an immersion blender to puree all of the sweet and savory ingredients together, so what you end up with is a silky texture that has heat, a rich tomato base and just enough sweetness to make you want to come back for another spoonful. GET THE RECIPE

4. Spaghetti Squash With Mushrooms And Parmesan


This is one dish you can't go wrong offering to your family! Lots of umami and cheesiness to satisfy kids and adults. The earthy taste of the mushrooms is the star of the dish while the stringy spaghetti squash makes it fun to eat. GET THE RECIPE

5. Dashi and Soy Sauce Daikon Bites With Melted Cheese


Both my husband and I love this dish for its strong flavors and almost meaty texture. Daikon is a wonderful vegetable to cook with since it absorbs any flavor you add to it. Daikon is at the core of Japanese cuisine and they certainly know how to manipulate this root vegetable: Served as a salad, grated into a sauce, pickled as a condiment and simmered into soups. This recipe simmers the daikon until the liquid is completely absorbed. It's then glazed with a pat of butter and topped with cheese. Simply delicious. GET THE RECIPE