04/12/2011 02:18 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2011

Save American Idol : Judges Need To Start Judging... Pass It On!

Pia Toscano's premature elimination on American Idol is a direct result of the show's new format which is all lovefest, and no judging by Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler.

Sure Toscano's good voice was tempered by her drab performance style, yet there were several contestants who should have been eliminated before her (Paul McDonald is still on the show, really?).

The judges' shock and indignance at Toscano's elimination was ironic given the fact that they must be in large part responsible.

In my blog before last week's elimination, "American Idol Lite: Is it a Contest or Concert Tour Promo?" I predicted just this type of scenario: "the lack of judging on Idol this season diminishes the real talent on the show..."

When everybody is deemed amazing and magical with godlike voices, what does it matter who is eliminated and when? Why even worry about who wins?

American Idol is in danger of turning into a performance show rather than a contest. The problem is this iconic show won't be able to sustain its audience because people want to watch pros perform. They want to see amateurs in a contest. It's a no-brainer.

The American icon, American Idol is loosing it and is in danger of it's own elimination. If you want to save Idol, tell the producers to let the judges start judging... and pass it on!