03/11/2014 11:04 am ET Updated May 11, 2014

He's No Joe Blow

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proven to be quite the man. He's grown into a versatile actor, he has a cool collaborative internet production company, hitrecord, that champions artists and the creative process and his lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant may just be the fiercest ever. His Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" is off the charts... says the 13 million who've watched it here.

He made his writing and directorial debut with the film Don Jon and his screenplay was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Now out on DVD, he also stars as the porn crazed player right out of Jersey Shore that is looking for love.... well, actually sex... in all the wrong places. He's kind of a stud, or so he thinks, but has a lot to learn about relationships and love and sex.. .and porn... and acts of contrition.

He put together a great cast starting with Scarlett Johansson, who as it turns out, gives really good Jersey girl. Tony Danza is the old-school football dad and though he's got nothing on DeNiro's playbook, he delivers a few great lines that show he still has some boss in him. We haven't seen Glenne Headly play mom since Mr. Holland's Opus but the MVP, hands down, goes to Julianne Moore for representing us ladies and bringing some real character to the film. But way to go, Joe, for writing that role.

If you can get past the porn-centric theme, which can initially be a bit much, as well as a few unlikely moments, it is a smart little movie about a young man grappling with his truth and coming into himself. Pun shamefully intended.

ps JoGo is pretty popular with the younger set but I wouldn't advise it for teens. It's full-on R.