09/02/2014 08:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Summer...A Eulogy


It seems like only yesterday, the final school bell rang. Books thrown into the air, shouts of joy, sighs of relief. Running out of the building, anticipating the fun that lay ahead. Oh sure, the students were happy too but, oh, we teachers, we were thrilled. On to lunch with friends, a drink or two and a leisurely afternoon. On to days of waking without an alarm clock with nowhere to be, no rush out the door. On to, well, me and you and all of the things we would do together.

We had such good times, you and I. The lazy days at the pool. Walking by the bay, watching the sunsets and knowing that more and more days of relaxation lay ahead. You reminded me that there was more to life than SGOs and PGPs, more than standardized tests and grading scales. You reminded me that I knew how to have fun, to just relax and be me. I learned so much from you, like how to play some great new games, like cornhole and ladder ball, that I just won't be able to do without you here. How will I ever be able to go on without you? The things we were able to do together-beach trips and ball games, carnivals and water parks, barbeques and bocce ball. Without you, I can't continue to go to the places I loved while you were here. There just wasn't enough time, don't you see? I need you to stay.

You helped me to gather my thoughts, to prioritize time with family and friends. You helped me set goals, like cleaning out closets and organizing cabinets and you actually were here to allow me to do them. Of course, you brought with you some annoying things, like mosquitos and summer homework, but over all we had a great thing going. And now you are gone. I'm not sure I can go on without you. I haven't had a chance to do everything I wanted to do with you. I took you for granted. I thought you'd stick around longer, but no, you are leaving me. As I sit here and type, you are leaving me. There's so much more to do, so many closets I have yet to clean. That kitchen project, that foyer floor, that novel I planned to write. I need you here for all of it.

Already you are starting to feel like a distant memory. That beach vacation, the days in Pennsylvania, the night in Atlantic City, did we have them? If not for the piles of laundry, unpacked bags, and extra ten pounds, I'd think I imagined them. Can't we do it again? Sooner, rather than later. I know someday we will meet again. It's just that I can't wait that long. I can't imagine having to get through what lies ahead, the cold, the sleet and snow and rain. Why couldn't you just stay?

I hope you know how much I appreciated and loved you. I wish you never had to leave me. But until I see you again, until I feel your warmth on me and feel the way you make me feel, I will miss you terribly. Au revoir, sweet summer.