10/08/2014 04:29 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2014

My Random Lunch With My Fairy Godmother

After recovering from The 2013 Burn Out I found myself with all this free time!

I'm a big believer that we have to let go of old patterns that drain us to welcome in new patterns that overflow our cup.

One of my favorite take-aways from my burn out was my understanding that I was ready for all the parts of life I put on hold. I was ready to be a rockstar partner and wife to some rockstar partner and husband. That meant, I had to make time and room for us and him.

After I found a new groove for myself, I set clear intentions that I was open and welcoming of intimate conversations and connections. And since I know my life is pretty much in the hands of a higher power, I set intentions that these conversations and connections lead me to whoever I'd be a rockstar with.

This is when I met my Fairy Godmother, Mella! Mella is a magical, spiritual, spunky woman from New York. She and I connected right away. There was something about her that made me listen harder. I leaned in just to get closer to her energy. As it turns out, she felt the same way about me!

I remember one of the first things she said to me was, "I get you." How brilliant, I thought! I loved that! She got me -- not what I did for a living or my mission in life -- just me!

These days she spends more time asking me about my love life than she does about anything else. I wasn't surprised when she asked me to her house for lunch this past summer to talk about men. It was a Thursday in June and I cleared my entire schedule just for Mella!

Lunch at Mella's house is an event. We made Greek salad, tilapia, and key lime pie. She set out a table cloth, candles and her good China for just us two. I totally felt like we were on a date!

The energy in the room changed a bit when we sat down. Mella was thinking about something. She had her hand pressed against her forehead and she was mumbling to herself. I gave her space.

I had a mouth full of fish when Mella slammed her hands down on the table, stood up and ran out of the kitchen screaming, "I can't believe I didn't think of him before!"

Back at the table... I was practically chocking on tilapia.

She was still talking about this man when she sat back down with her laptop, flipped it open and started typing. She read her message out loud as she typed this note:

"Dear Joan, I know your son's soul mate. Please call me. Love Mella."

She shut her lap top and went back to eating.

Meanwhile, across the table I was frozen and stunned into silence. A good minute went by before I moved. Finally I said, "Mella, was that about me?"

She nodded her head without looking at me.

I didn't really know what to do or say. I love Mella and trust her. Yet, at the same time... she had just sent a note out into cyberspace that had wheels turning in my head.

So I finally said, "Can we talk about Joan and her son?"

"You'll love him. I think his name is Mark," Mella said.

My eyes were a few sizes bigger at this point. I leaned in a little bit and touched her arm. "Mella? YOU THINK HIS NAME IS MARK?"

"Yeah, you'll love him," Mella said grinning!

I leaned back and smiled back. "Okay, what's he like?"

"He's passionate and really smart and just a great guy. You'll love him."

"Yeah, you've said that," I laughed. Because at this point, I had to. "What's Mark do?"

"He's a filmmaker," Mella said.

Mella's husband walked into the kitchen at this point and she filled him in on my love life. It started to get a little uncomfortable for me right about then.

"Mella, he's not a filmmaker," Mella's husband said.

"He is to."

"Well, he does that too but his main job is a chiropractor," he said.

I didn't learn anything else about this Mark man but I loved it all up! How many women can say they have a woman like Mella in their lives?

Before the lunch ended I told Mella I was going to call her my Fairy Godmother from then on. She agreed to it and invited me back to her house the following night for a dinner party she was having.

She and her husband have an event business that consists of intimate dinner parties hosted at their house. They invite 40 guests once a month and entertain them for a night. It's a fantastic gig. I had never been to one of her events but I'd always wanted to go.

Mella didn't know who was coming to dinner the next night but I was grateful she still had space for me.

I accepted her invitation to dinner and left. On the way home I actually felt lighter. Something shifted within me. Mella is magical after all so this could work, I thought to myself.

The next morning I wrote a letter to the Universe and just thanked it for Mella's magic in my life. And I promised to let it lead me wherever it wanted to. I meditated for a bit and went to work.

The first email I got for that Friday was from Mella.

The subject line was, "I love the way the Universe works."

Her note to me read:

Carrie, As it turns out, my friend Joan is coming to dinner with her daughter. You remember Joan right? I emailed her about you yesterday! Wear lipstick tonight.

PS, his name is really Chad.


I responded to Mella with this:

Good morning, my Fairy Godmother! I couldn't forget about Joan if I wanted to! I love the way the Universe works too. I have the perfect shade. See you tonight!


My lesson from this Fairy Godmother business has been beautiful! And I'm looking forward to more random lunch and dinner dates!