03/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama Curses in Fake Interview (NSFW)

Okay, I realize people can be sensitive about making fun of the President but he's been in office a month now. In my lifetime I've seen every President we've had lampooned well for their mannerisms, lack of intelligence or both. Since Obama is pretty cool and smart its hard to get him on either of those.

Still nobody's above ridicule even our extremely charismatic, intelligent and well mannered President. When I found the curse outtakes from his Dreams From My Father Audio book I found it hilarious. Maybe it was just hearing a man so cool and dignified curse like a sailor. Here's a video I did using the those pieces of audio.

WARNING: If you are offended by our esteemed President cursing or using the n-word, do not watch this video.

I highly recommend anybody to read Barack Obama's book, Dreams From My Father. It is a truly great inspirational story. The Audio taken from the book is mostly him quoting what he heard from other people. Barack Obama os a great reflection of the American people, curses in all. While I'm sure Obama would object to the language used in this interview, I'm sure he would agree with the sentiments that Rush Limbaugh is an ignorant fool, Puff Daddy does not compare to him and we should not depend on the government to feed us and accordingly buy our own damn fries.