03/28/2012 01:57 pm ET Updated May 28, 2012

Biking Metro Detroit

I am extremely excited to get this chance to share my biking experiences in Metro Detroit with you. I have found that there is much truth to the fact that this area is called the Motor City for a reason, since it is not exactly friendly to anyone else who prefers a mode of transportation other than a car.

Fortunately, out here in Macomb County we have a great system of trails that starts at Metro Beach (still can't call it Lake St. Clair Metropark), and winds its way through the northern reaches on old rail beds and even connects into Oakland County. BUT, I would love to ride more around my house, and to do that, you either have to ride on the sidewalk or play chicken with cars.

I love the looks you get from people in cars when you are riding, like you are in their way. I wish our state would put some emphasis on adding bike lanes on roads, but then again, this is the same area that refuses to gets its act together on anything mass transit (have my fingers crossed we may make progress on that soon).

One thing I made sure to have is a helmet, which always gets you funny looks when you are riding around, but I would rather look funny wearing a helmet than the alternative if I have a run in with a car. Also, it is very hard to convince your kids a helmet is an important thing to wear when you yourself are not wearing one.

In addition to telling you all about the fun I have riding around, I am going to chronicle the adventure of my wife and I teaching our daughter how to ride her bike.

Last summer, we had to upgrade her bike up a size, and she took a big spill on the first trip out. Ever since then she has been afraid to get back on. Then she had a breakthrough during this wonderful warm spell this past week, and now she is begging us to go outside to ride. Still with training wheels, but that will come with time.

Well, that is all for now, hoping for a nice weekend to be able to get out and enjoy it on two wheels that I power myself!