01/27/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

The Big Bang Theory : Flags Waving, Guns Flying and Fun with Siri

Oh Big Bang Theory, I love ya. Can I just say right off the top how hilarious the Sheldon/Amy "Fun with Flags" videos were? Particularly at the end, when they were in costume; Amy as the pretzel just cracked me right up. This is the kind of Amy I can get behind. She still had her comments about Penny's beauty and love, but it was a bit more restrained and a lot less creepy. I really appreciated Amy more in this episode.

What a great storyline this week for Raj. Hats off to the writers for finally giving him more to do. We were also able to get a glimpse of classic Raj and Howard and their weird sexual undertones when they both removed the plastic from Raj's phone. It reminded me off the episode where they both make out with the webcam microphones Howard invented. Also, a most welcome (however quick) appearance from Kripke demonstrating Siri's inability to understand him was also hilarious. Kripke somehow manages to be beloved while extremely creepy at the same time.

Of course, we could all see where the "relationship" between Raj and Siri was headed, but I loved watching it unfold. When he had Siri refer to him as sexy, I was shaking my head but laughing at the same time. I was hoping this Siri could be a starting point for him to actually talk to women, because we've been waiting a long time to see him talk to women while sober (at least I have). The date night sequence with Howard and Bernadette and Raj's rambling on about Siri as a real person started to make me wonder how long this "relationship" was going to carry on. Luckily my fears were put to rest when we got to the dream sequence. But I really think Raj is ready for a real woman and a real relationship. I hope we get to see that happen soon. Maybe he can have his chance with Leslie Winkle? It'd be a nice excuse to bring Sara Gilbert's clever but cutting character back. However I don't know how well Raj would fair with her, especially when he revealed that Cher, Madonna and Adele rock his world. I appreciated this comment in particular as Adele rocks my world as well.

While all of the Raj/Siri magic was unfolding, Leonard and Penny were continuing to explore their rekindled relationship at a slow pace. I like that they are taking their time, hopefully it will improve this new relationship and have longer lasting success. That said, Leonard's suggestion of reporting each other's "bugs" and giving Penny his particularly long list made me groan. Will he ever learn? Luckily Penny had the sense to use it against him in a mocking fashion rather than get actually angry with him. I also liked the included detail that Leonard called Penny's dad to get an activity from her childhood for a date idea. It renews the previously storyline with Penny's dad and his preference of Leonard for his daughter, while showing that Leonard is still thoughtful and nice, despite his long "bug" list. The gun range was a cute exchange between them and things started to be going better for them, until Leonard accidentally shot his shoe and hurt his pinky toe. Classic Leonard if you think about it. It's the motorcycle injury all over again.

I also liked Sheldon in the background at the office spewing random flag facts. There's nothing that makes Sheldon happier than citing random knowledge that no one really cares about it. I hope we see more installments of Fun with Flags or any other subject at all, really.

The promo for next week is quite curious; it appears the roommate agreement will be no longer. How can that be? What happens between Leonard and Sheldon to sever their friendship? How long do you think it will last?