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Pacific Ceremony to Hail Mankind's New Beginnings

Introduction by Catherine Bauknight

Remembering the 25th Anniversary of the massacre that happened in Tiananmen Square on June 3-4, 1989 when, people gave their lives during a protest for democracy and human rights, created a need for an answer. "How do we begin a consciousness of peace and stop crimes against humanity throughout the world?" is the question.

A message of new beginnings for mankind is expressed in excerpts from the writings of Lamaku Mikahala Roy.

Excerpts by Lamaku Mikahala Roy

Pacific Ceremony to Hail Mankind's New Beginnings

'Oiwi to Celebrate Meaning in a Pacific Trail of Light

At the zenith ~ in the noon hour of May 30, 2014 (HST), the Pacific Voyaging Canoes Hokule'a and Hikianalia departed from Hilo Hawaii to begin a great sojourn around the world. Here is the ho'ailona (the spiritual sign) for the first people of the Pacific that Mother Earth and all life upon her move toward a great New Dawn and New Beginning in an era of peace and harmony.

By theology of 'Oiwi (people of the bones and first people of the Pacific), the ho'ailona, the outward sign, comes as a reflection of inward awareness. The ho'ailona is the physical manifestation of the Divine Stream of Spirit.

Like great ships upon Earth's seas that creak and bellow for impacts of storms; or spacecraft holding integrity against the blows of the silent unknown, humans have the unique ability to articulate meaning of 'Moments of the Ages'.
Spiritual transformation of Earth has begun and in the Pacific, the ancient motherland of Mu, Lemuria, now rises toward the Sun. A ceremony will take place this summer at Kamakahonu (Eye of the Turtle) in Hawaii. 'Oiwi will honor connection to their Source and to their Ancestors of Divine Realm.

Ancient Ones of the Pacific held Kamakahonu in greatest reverence. Their gift to the planet was to hold the sacredness of this place for the 'blood of the earth' throughout earth's evolution.

Kamakahonu is the center of the healing place where man's separation from his Loving Source may be healed. Kamakahonu is the First Capital of the Hawaiian Islands unified by Kamehameha the Great. Ahu'ena Heiau at Kamakahonu holds the living spiritual affirmation of connection between 'Oiwi and Divine World for the benefit all life upon the Earth.

The late Ms.Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, Kahuna La'au Lapa'au (Medical Doctor) and Living Treasure of Hawaii, said that the 1970's brought great spiritual advancement for 'Oiwi. Historically, in that decade, Hokule'a made her first voyage to Tahiti, Simeona taught an updated Ho'oponopono process at the Geneva Convention and Ahu'ena Heiau at Kamakahonu was restored in the Pacific faith of 'Oiwi by 'Oiwi.

Wananalua ~ Na Waka 'Ehiku i Na Kai Ho'ololi o Kaluaokalani
A Double Prophecy ~ Seven Canoes on the Seas of Transformation in the Second Heaven

Pacific Stars in the sky already tell a story of the ceremony of celebration that's about to take place at Kamakahonu. Fulfilling Pacific prophecy, in 2011, Seven Canoes journeying from the South Pacific to the west coast of America carried the Light of the Divine Creator. The Spirit of Akua, Divine Creator, of the Seven Canoes brought the Bowl of Light to show us the Way and the Truth. From the land where man began came messages to Kanaka Maoli (Firstborn of Hawaii) and all of mankind:

"Come together by the Spirit of the Seven Canoes. Unite and become ONE in unconditional love."

This 'Moment of the Ages' manifested a Pacific Trail of Light and the unprecedented documented occurrence of 45,000 lightning strikes in Hawaii in May of that year.

Kau i ka la'i o Welo

Ka pa mau ko Hawaii pae 'aina
'Olapa ka uila ka 'anapa i ka lani

Naue ka honua ku'i e ka lono

Occurring in the month of May 2011
In peace, the customary rhythm of the Hawaiian Isles,
Lightning flashed and all of Heaven glistened
The earth shook while peals of thunder resonated

Exerpt from 'Olapa Ka Uila Ku'i e Ka Lono
Chant composed May, '11 by Mikahala Roy

The Canoe represents LIFE. In Pacific tradition, the Wa'a Kaulua is the symbol of a Family United. The sails represent Sons and Daughters. The hulls of the Kaulua represent Papa and Wakea, Earth Mother and Sky Father ~ UNITED.

See the strength of effort to sail the Pacific Canoes! Here is the ho'ailona and the hope that mankind and all of creation experience a New Beginning for our planet and all life upon the earth!

Gift of Connection
The ceremony planned to honor Divine Creator for a Pacific Trail of Light is the celebration that Ahu'ena Heiau at Kamakahonu holds the living spiritual affirmation of connection between 'Oiwi and Divine World for the benefit all life upon the Earth. The following is an example of the conveyances of wisdom from the Ancestors of 'Oiwi received at Kamakahonu.

Ho`oponopono, as conveyed by the Ancestors of 'Oiwi

In the Pacific, we hold ourselves accountable to Akua for the sake of our children. We don't steal from our children their tomorrow by our choice to commit a " wrong" today.

In other words, we know when we commit a wrong -- by thought, word or deed.

If we commit a wrong or we hurt another, there is an energy that is put into motion. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It may not be felt immediately, but somewhere, some "when" the outcome will present itself. It might occur in your lifetime, it may occur in the lifetime of your descendants

This is why Ho'oponopono has been our problem solving process. The Ho'oponopono process involves transmutation of energies releasing them finally and forever to Akua. The process releases the karmic bonds held over time among parties.

The legacy that we bring into this world is our children. E ho'oulu lahui, may Kanaka Maoli proliferate and be invigorated. The vessel we pass along to our children is the canoe. It is the vessel we inherited from our parents or our grandparents - whomever taught us our spiritual beliefs. Over time, the canoe shapes keep changing as we forget how to build a new canoe that looks like the canoe of our Ancestors.

How can we carry Akua with the 'Aumakua when we can no longer build our canoe? The canoe is the vessel that enables Kanaka Maoli to travel forward into the future and go back into the past. It can do this for the canoe travels in the shadow of time.

The canoe travels through time, however, we steer it. How do we steer our canoe? With our tongues - by the things we say. We are all fishermen of wisdom - we all seek the wisdom of the Creator. Connection to Akua takes us to the highest level. The teachings of the 'Aumakua give us a glimpse of the expansion of the world of Akua. Connection to our 'Aumakua teaches us the understanding of the conscience of the Creator.

The Ancestors bring us back to using our senses to determine the course for our canoe.

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Kamakahonu, Hawaii


Charles Ka'upu: Courtesy Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty, photo by Catherine Bauknight